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Dendritic Cells

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  • How COVID-19 alters the immune system

    The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus causes moderate to severe disease in 3-10% of those infected. In such cases, the immune system overreacts to the virus, triggering an aberrant innate immune response that is characterized by systemic inflammation, intravascular blood clotting and damage to the cardiovascul more

  • The human immune system is an early riser

    Circadian clocks, which regulate most of the physiological processes of living beings over a rhythm of about 24 hours, are one of the most fundamental biological mechanisms. By deciphering the cell migration mechanisms underlying the immune response, scientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), more

  • Innate Immune System is Barely the Driver of Excessive Immune Reactions in COVID-19

    Serious courses of COVID-19 disease are concurrent with an immune system that went out of control, whereby major amounts of immunological messengers are released. Contrary to previous assumptions, immune cells from the innate immune response obviously do not play a relevant role in these processes. more

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