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PHC Europe B.V., Netherlands

Founded in 1990 as subsidiary of the PHC Holdings Corporation, it is our mission to become a leading, trusted brand for sustainable healthcare and biomedical product solutions, which support the work of our customers to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. For more than 25 more

White papers Cryopreservation

  • Cryopreservation without crosscontamination risk

    Biological materials such as cells or tissue samples will naturally change and deteriorate over time. In order to properly preserve them for later study, some means of halting these processes must be used that will not change the biological materials more

  • Burn injuries under freezing (labor protection) conditions?

    "A little splash of liquid nitrogen hasn't hurt anybody" - this happens to be a widespread opinion in many laboratories. The real dangers connected to cryogenic gases many people had to learn firsthand, unexpected and painful. Skin irritation, cell a more

Publications Cryopreservation

  • Mouse Sperm Cryopreservation Using Cryoprotectant Containing L-Glutamine

    Efforts to advance sperm cryopreservation are ongoing and include modifications in the cryoprotective agents. The addition of l-glutamine maintains post-thaw motility and reduces plasma membrane damage to sperm. more

  • Mouse Embryo Cryopreservation by High-Osmolality Vitrification

    In conventional vitrification methods, the embryos are vitrified under considerable supercooling (i.e., under nonequilibrium conditions). This protocol is a refinement of newer equilibrium vitrification methods. The equilibrium vitrification solution contains a high concentration of cryoprotectants more

  • Mouse Embryo Cryopreservation by Rapid Cooling

    Embryo cryopreservation has been used to archive mouse strains. Protocols have evolved over this time and now vary considerably in terms of cryoprotectant solution, cooling and warming rates, methods to add and remove cryoprotectant, container or carrier type, volume of cryoprotectant, the stage of more

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Cryopreservation , used to supply a cryogenic freezer (for storing laboratory samples at a temperature of about −150 degrees Celsius). Cryopreservation is a process where cell s or whole tissue s are preserved by cooling to low sub-zero tempe ... more


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