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Confocal Microscopes

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Olympus Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Olympus offers scientific solutions based on innovative products and services that anticipate the evolving needs and exceed the expectations of professionals from Industrial and Life Science segments. Industrial solutions range from materials science microscopes and industrial videoscopes to non-d more, Netherlands aims to change the microscopy industry with a confocal microscope based on the re-scan invention: the Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM). RCM combines the super-resolution capability with higher sensitivity than most confocal microscopes. RCM is an upgrade to an existing wide-field fluo more

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3D Raman Imaging Microscope: High Resolution & Correlative Nanoanalysis

Only ultrasensitive WITec technology combines the highest spectral performance, speed and unrivaled 3D resolution in one instrument more

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  • receive Dutch Academic Startup award

    Technology innovators in super-resolution microscopy, Amsterdam-based, have been selected as one of ten winners of the Academic Startup Competition in the Netherlands, an initiative of the Association of Universities (VSNU), the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI) and more

  • The secret life of cells – in colour

    The 2011 Lennart Nilsson Award is to be presented to American biologist Nancy Kedersha, who is to receive the prize for her colour pictures showing the inner life of a cell.The panel’s citation reads as follows: “Nancy Kedersha’s colour images open our eyes to the smallest components of life. Throug more

  • Cell Receptor Recycling Mechanism Discovery opens up New Class of Therapeutic Targets

    Prof. Manojkumar Puthenveedu of Carnegie Mellon University studies the mechanisms by which membrane trafficking controls and co-ordinates the complex signalling pathways in the brain. Despite the fact that almost all diseases can be traced to a defect in how cells respond to signals, little is known more

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  • Structural and Chemical 3D Imaging with AFM and Raman.

    In the Life Sciences and Bio-medical Research, the characterization of chemical compounds within cells or tissues is one of the most important and difficult tasks for researchers to perform. The development of pharmaceuticals such as drug delivery co more

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