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Chronic Pain

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  • Neuromodulation start-up closes EUR 15M Series C financing round

    WISE Srl, a medical device company developing next-generation implantable leads for neuromonitoring, neuromodulation and brain-machine interfacing, announced the closing of a EUR 15 million Series C financing round. New investors, led by CDP Venture Capital SGR, and including Indaco Ventures I Fund more

  • Analysis shows lack of evidence that wearable biosensors improve patient outcomes

    Wearable biosensors have grown increasingly popular as many people use them in wristbands or watches to count steps or track sleep. But there is not enough proof that these devices are improving patient outcomes such as weight or blood pressure, according to a study by Cedars-Sinai investigators. "A more

  • Next generation of neuroscience tools

    UAlberta chemistry professor Robert Campbell is developing new ways to see and manipulate the activity of neurons in the brain, which could revolutionize the way we understand the organ that controls most of the activities of the body. "We want to help other researchers apply these new neuroscience more

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UD researchers demonstrate the magic of science: the mirror box illusion

Tricks and illusions, once the domain of magicians, are helping scientists unveil how the brain works. University of Delaware researchers demonstrate the classic mirror box illusion and explain how the brain weighs the conflicting information it receives from the senses. UD research has created ... more

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Chronic pain

Chronic pain Chronic pain was originally defined as pain that has lasted 6 months or longer. More recently it has been defined as pain that persists longer than the temporal course of natural healing, associated with a particular type of injury ... more


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