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Embion Technologies SA, Switzerland

Embion is a chemical process technology EPFL spin-off, commercializing a novel catalytic process that allows the use of sustainable resources in the form of 2nd generation lignocellulosic biomass for producing food ingredients, chemicals and fuels. Our process helps reducing the carbon footprint of more

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  • Curious Mind Researcher Award Granted

    Merck and the German business journal manager magazin presented the Curious Mind Researcher Award in Berlin. Ulrike Kramm (40), a materials scientist, received the prize worth € 7,500 in the category “Mobility and Energy”. Computer scientist Xiaoying Zhuang (36) was also awarded € 7,500 for her work more

  • How to make biocatalysts immortal

    Oxygen threatens sustainable catalysts that use hydrogen to produce electricity in fuel cells. Researchers from Bochum and Marseille have developed a way to combat this. Efficient catalysts for converting hydrogen into electricity in fuel cells for the energy transition are often based on expensive, more

  • Chemicals for pharmaceuticals could be made cheaper and greener by new catalysts

    High value chemicals used to make pharmaceuticals could be made much cheaper and quicker thanks to a series of new catalysts made by scientists at the University of Warwick in collaboration with GoldenKeys High-Tech Co., Ltd. in China. The process of making high-value chemicals for uses such as the more

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Enzyme catalysis

Enzyme catalysis Enzyme catalysis is the catalysis of chemical reaction s by specialized protein s, enzymes . Catalysis of biochemical reactions in the cell is vital due to the very low reaction rates of the uncatalysed reactions. The mechani ... more


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