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  • New antifungal provides hope in fight against superbugs

    Microscopic yeast have been wreaking havoc in hospitals around the world--creeping into catheters, ventilator tubes, and IV lines--and causing deadly invasive infection. One culprit species, Candida auris, is resistant to many antifungals, meaning once a person is infected, there are limited treatme more

  • Blocking gene expression to combat deadly fungal infection

    Each year, invasive fungal infections sicken an estimated 2 million people worldwide and kill nearly 800,000 - but a team of international scientists have discovered a new approach for antifungal drug treatments. Researchers from USC and France identified that a gene-regulating protein, Bdf1, is cri more

  • New key players found in fighting fungi

    Fungal infections are a serious health risk. They can be harmful especially to patients whose immune system is compromised through illness or chemotherapy. A team working at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has discovered an important mechanism in the body's defenses against fungi. The disco more

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Candida genus

Candida genus Candida is a genus of yeast s. Clinically, the most significant member of the genus is Candida albicans , which can cause numerous infections (called candidiasis or thrush) in human s and other animals, especially in immunocom ... more


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