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Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG, Germany

High precision thermoregulation -120...425°C. Thermodynamics and Microelectronics for highly efficient temperature control and environmentally safe refrigeration. more

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Certified Reference Materials for Instrument Performance Verification

Starna Scientific offers the world's widest range of Certified Reference Materials for the entire wavelength range from deep UV to NIR (190 - 2850 nm) more

Precise Online Dissolution Testing for up to 14 Samples

Dissolution test of up to 14 samples, two additional 1l vessels for pre-heated refilling media ✓ Fast, highly precise measurement of the UV/VIS spectra ✓ Strict rules of the guidance for “21 CFR Part 11” and “Data Integrity” are fulfilled more

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  • Simplified method for calibrating optical tweezers

    Measurements of biomechanical properties inside living cells require minimally invasive methods. Optical tweezers are particularly attractive as a tool. It uses the momentum of light to trap and manipulate micro- or nanoscale particles. A team of researchers led by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Denz from the U more

  • Don't Give the Slightest Chance to Toxic Elements in Medicinal Products

    Lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic do not belong in medicinal products. International requirements for the quality of medicines have therefore become more stringent and introduced new control requirements. Hence, it makes sense to use high-accuracy reference solutions with defined contents of these more

  • Harvard researchers define 'good' stem cells

    After more than a decade of incremental – and paradigm shifting, advances in stem cell biology, almost anyone with a basic understanding of life sciences knows that stem cells are the basic form of cell from which all specialized cells, and eventually organs and body parts, derive. But what makes a more

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Canadian National Calibration Reference Centre

Canadian National Calibration Reference Centre The National Calibration Reference Centre for Bioassay and In Vivo Monitoring (NCRC) is administered by the Radiation Protection Bureau of the Canadian Federal Department of Health. It was created in ... more


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