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Brain Development

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  • Maternal exposure to chemicals linked to autistic-like behaviours in children

    A new study by Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Health Sciences researchers found correlations between increased expressions of autistic-like behaviours in pre-school aged children to gestational exposure to select environmental toxicants, including metals, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls more

  • Lipid Metabolism Controls Brain Development

    A lipid metabolism enzyme controls brain stem cell activity and lifelong brain development. If the enzyme does not work correctly, it causes learning and memory deficits in humans and mice, as researchers at the University of Zurich have discovered. Regulating stem cell activity via lipid metabolism more

  • Shaping the social networks of neurons

    The three proteins Teneurin, Latrophilin and FLRT hold together and bring neighboring neurons into close contact, enabling the formation of synapses and the exchange of information between the cells. In the early phase of brain development, however, the interaction of the same proteins leads to the more

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  • Neanderthal brain organoids come to life

    Scientists for the first time have grown Neanderthal "minibrains" in lab dishes. A team led by geneticist Alysson Muotri at the University of California, San Diego, reported at a conference that with the help of the genome editor CRISPR they modified a stem cell to have a Neanderthal version of a ge more

  • New copies of old gene drove brain expansion

    Three nearly identical genes could help explain why the ancestral human brain tripled in size over the course of human evolution. The genes, descendants of an ancient developmental gene that multiplied and changed over time, could also explain how brain development sometimes goes wrong, leading to n more

  • Laminating the mammalian cortex during development: cell polarity protein function and Hippo signaling [Outlook]

    During mammalian brain development, radial glial progenitors balance between proliferation and differentiation to generate the laminated cortical layers in a temporally precise fashion. Defects in the individual steps going into this complex organogenesis can result in cortical malformations and hu more

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Brain development timelines

Brain development timelines These are timelines of brain development events in different species. *Mouse brain development timeline *Macaque brain development timeline *Human brain development timeline See also Neural development more


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