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Bacterial Infections

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  • PhagoMed Selected as Leading Young European Biotech Company

    PhagoMed Biopharma GmbH came 2nd and won €20.000 in one of the toughest contests for young European biotech companies, namely the Health Catapult of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The company´s synthetic lysin platform with bacterial vaginosis as a first target indication more

  • Proteomic profiling reveals innovation potential of new antibiotics

    The fight against bacterial infections, especially those caused by resistant pathogens, is in full swing with the search for new antibiotic agents. The aim is to identify substances that attack the pathogens in a truly novel way. The team at the Center for Systems-Based Antibiotic Research (Cesar) a more

  • Researchers build micro-device to detect bacteria, viruses

    Engineering researchers developed a next-generation miniature lab device that uses magnetic nano-beads to isolate minute bacterial particles that cause diseases. Using this new technology improves how clinicians isolate drug-resistant strains of bacterial infections and difficult-to-detect micro-par more

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  • Going on offense against the gram-negative defense [Microbiology]

    Bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics are becoming more common, posing a significant health risk (1). The CDC and WHO have identified gram-negative drug-resistant pathogens as being particularly dangerous, and such infections are resistant to nearly all available antibiotics in some cases (2 more

  • Fingers on the trigger

    Immunodeficiencies Hyper–immunoglobulin E syndromes (HIESs) are rare genetic immunodeficiency diseases characterized by bacterial infections, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, allergies, and skeletal abnormalities associated with impaired T helper 17 (TH17) cell immunity. Béziat et al. and Frey- more

  • Viruses, Vol. 10, Pages 327: The Diversity of Bacterial Lifestyles Hampers Bacteriophage Tenacity

    Viruses, Vol. 10, Pages 327: The Diversity of Bacterial Lifestyles Hampers Bacteriophage Tenacity Viruses doi: 10.3390/v10060327 Authors: Marta Lourenço Luisa De Sordi Laurent Debarbieux Phage therapy is based on a simple concept: the use of a virus (bacteriophage) that is capable more

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