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BMG LABTECH offers high-end plate reader solutions for drug discovery and HTS. The plate readers provides best sensitivity, best flexibility and reliability. The integration of these microplate readers into robotic systems is easy; especially for the robot integration in high throughput screening (H more

IBA GmbH, Germany

For more than two decades IBA Lifesciences develops and provides innovative solutions for your life science applications. Our portfolio includes tools for Cell Selection & Expansion, Protein Production & Assays as well as Custom Oligos & Predefined DNA/RNA. Cell selection & expansion Fab-TACS® tec more

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The Chemical Structure of DNA

Today’s post crosses over into the realm of biochemistry, with a look at the chemical structure of DNA, and its role in creating proteins in our cells. Of course, it’s not just in humans that DNA is found – it’s present in the cells of every multicellular life form on Earth. This graphic provides an more

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03-06 – 08-06
New London, US

Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms

Despite almost a 70% decrease in the cardiovascular death rate over the past 50 years, heart disease remains the number 1 killer worldwide, claiming over 600,000 lives every year in the U.S. alone (23% of all-cause mortality). The contribution to mortality has remained high as improvements in acute

10-06 – 15-06
Andover, US

Bioorganic Chemistry

The Bioorganic Chemistry Gordon Research Conference (GRC) was established in 1992 to bring together scientists pursuing challenges at the interface of chemistry and biology. Attendees from industry and academia meet annually to discuss the latest chemical tools that have been developed to modulate a

10-06 – 15-06
Biddeford, US

Human Genetic Variation and Disease

Modern sequencing technologies now enable detailed measurements of germline and somatic alterations, many of which underly human disease. An enormous amount of human genetic data has been collected, and understanding the breadth and complexity of human variation presents one of the greatest scientif

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RNA Ribonucleic acid or RNA is a nucleic acid , consisting of many nucleotide s that form a polymer . Each nucleotide consists of a nitrogenous base , a ribose sugar, and a phosphate . RNA plays several important biological roles, including ma ... more


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