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Companies Proteomics

BioTek Instruments GmbH,

BioTek is a leading developer and supplier of high-value microplate instrumentation and software solutions. Our instrumentation is used to accelerate the drug discovery process, to advance discoveries in genomics and proteomics, and to aid in the advancement of life science research. As part of the more

Hamilton Robotics GmbH, Germany

HAMILTON Robotics designs and manufactures fully automated robotic systems. The products range from unique, custom laboratory automation solutions (Turnkey Solutions) on standard applications validated through partnership programs with renowned biotechnology companies as well as OEM solutions to the more

TOPLAB GmbH, Germany

TOPLAB is ist one of the leading companies in the field of protein bioanalytic. Besides performing extensive proteome studies TOPLAB offers as service partner its proteomics-technology-platform to pharmaceutical/biotechnological industry and public institutions. TOPLAB uses proprietary technologies more

Products Proteomics

PRIME - The multidimensional path to the Proteome

The Proteome is far more complex than was ever expected at the genesis of the Proteomics revolution. Dynamics in time, space and concentration more

News Proteomics

  • Rigid connections: Molecular basis of age-related memory loss explained

    From telephone numbers to foreign vocabulary, our brains hold a seemingly endless supply of information. However, as we are getting older, our ability to learn and remember new things declines. A team of scientists around Associate Prof Dr Antonio Del Sol Mesa from the Luxembourg Centre for Systems more

  • Will Innovations in Biomarkers Lead to a Paradigm Shift in Drug Discovery?

    With the efficacy for most drugs targeting severe therapeutic indications ranging from a meagre 25 percent to 50 percent, there is a tremendous market for biomarkers. Thus far, drugs have been administered without knowing if they will work for a specific patient. Biomarkers are now being used in the more

  • Secrets of Périgord truffles, the culinary ‘black diamond’

    Just in time for the holidays when cooks in France and elsewhere will be slipping bits of the coveted black Périgord truffle under their turkeys’ skin for a luxurious flavor, scientists are revealing the secrets that give the culinary world’s “black diamond” its unique, pungent aroma. Their study, w more

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White papers Proteomics

  • Efficient Reverse Transfection of Both siRNA and Expression Plasmids on Transfected Cell Microarrays Using X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent

    Transfected cell microarray is a versatile, efficient, and cost-reducing technology [1,3,4] that can contribute to further understanding of gene functions and regulatory mechanisms governing gene expression. We have optimized the protocol of transfected cell microarrays using X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent to transfect both expression plasmids and siRNAs, and have shown that this technology can be used to reliably detect even quantitatively minor biological effects of gene perturbations by including several technical and experimental replicates and using linear regression (ANOVA) modeling to estimate the biological effects [2] more

  • Cytokine Quantification in Drug Development

    Immuno-PCR (IPCR) and ElectroChemiLuminescence (ECL) are technologies for improved performance of immunoassays. The specific advantages of the different technologies, using enzymatic or electrical signal amplification, allow for tailored assay design and address several specific challenges, such as maximum sensitivity up to 1 fg/ml target cytokine, simultaneous detection of multiple antigens, and high robustness against biological matrices more

  • Characterizing Biotherapeutics with HPLC

    As demonstrated here, there are a broad range of HPLC applications used in development, production, validation and release of protein therapeutics for human use. Some of the applications mentioned above are mandatory when submitting a new biopharmaceutical to approval at the regulatory agencies. The introduction of the first so-called biosimilars in Europe further increased the demand for highly efficient analysis methods. The continuous development of new stationary phases for the common modes of biochromatography, such as size exclusion, ion exchange and hydrophilic interaction chromatography support biochemists in increasing lab productivity and establishing high-throughput HPLC analysis not only for small molecules but also for large biopolymers more

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Events Proteomics

  • The Human Proteome (D7)

    The 2015 Symposium on The Human Proteome follows the very successful 2012 Keystone meeting in the same location in Sweden. As before, we have made every effort to present proteomics research of outstanding excellence and current scientific interest. Unlike the previous meeting, this one has a defini more

  • Genomics and Proteomics Research

    SELECTBIO takes pleasure in inviting you to its 3rd Annual Genomics and Proteomics Research Conference and Exhibition on May 28-29, 2015 in Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway, Bangalore. Advancements in Genomics and Proteomics, together with integrating myriad disciplines from structural b more

Publications Proteomics

  • Characterization of proteins in S. cerevisiae with subcellular localizations

    Acquiring comprehensive knowledge of protein in various subcellular localizations is one of the fundamental goals in cell biology and proteomics. Although recent large-scale experimental and proteomics studies of S. cerevisiae protein subcellular localizations are archived in various databases, only more

  • Functional proteomic biomarkers in cancer

    Beyond penetrant germline and somatic mutations, there are substantial challenges in extrapolating phenotypes from linear DNA sequences and transcriptomics. This brings a molecular pathology emphasis to the properties of the main players responsible for executing actions, proteins. The proteomic a more

  • Proteomics analysis of bodily fluids in pancreatic cancer

    Proteomics study of pancreatic cancer using bodily fluids emphasizes biomarker discovery and clinical application, presenting unique prospect and challenges. Depending on the physiological nature of the bodily fluid and its proximity to pancreatic cancer, the proteomes of bodily fluids, such as pa more

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Market studies Proteomics

  • MZT Holdings, Inc. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    MZT Holdings, Inc. (formerly Matritech, Inc.), is engaged in development of proteomics-based diagnostic products for the early detection of cancer. Using its patented proteomics technology, Matritech has identified proteins correlated with bladder, cervical, breast, prostate and colon cancers. This more

  • Advancing Molecular Diagnostics to Personalize Cancer Therapy

    Introduction This report analyzes current and potential world markets for key cancer-based molecular diagnostics, including advances in the field. This report forecasts future growth to 2016. Market segments covered include: breast cancer; colon cancer; prostate cancer; non-small cell lung cancer; more

  • Molecular Diagnostics in Infectious Disease Testing

    This TriMark Publications report describes the specific segment of the in vitro diagnostics market known as molecular diagnostics testing for infectious disease. In the current medical diagnostics market, molecular diagnostics in infectious disease testing offers one of the most promising areas for more

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Websites Proteomics

imaGenes - imaGenes

Email or User ID Password   register here Wednesday, 28 July 2010 FAQ   |  Contact   |  Your Account   |    Shopping Cart    Products Clones Clone Sets & Libraries FANTOM Clones & DNA Books Protein Arrays Synthetic Clones RNAi Services Next Generation Sequencing Microarray Services Clone-Identity Ve more

Ludesi - provider of software and services for 2D gel image analysis

Search:  Home Software Services Resources Pricing References Corporate FREE Tools REDFIN 2D gel analysis software Improve data robustness, save time, reduce costs, and have more fun when analyzing your 2D gel images! Use our analysis service Request a quality-controlled analysis service directly in more

MagnaMedics Diagnostics B.V.

Home | Sitemap | Terms & Conditions | Imprint update flash player Home Products Diagnostic Products Services Download Product Sheets MSDS Brochures Protocols Applications Nucleic Acid Purification Protein Isolation Proteomics Imaging and Detection Application notes Technology Magnetophoresis Imaging more

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Proteomics Proteomics is the large-scale study of protein s, particularly their structures and functions . Proteins are vital parts of living organisms, as they are the main components of the physiological metabolic pathways of cells . Th ... more


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