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  • How brain tumors develop from stem cells

    What causes cancer? This is still one of the most burning questions today. Cancer stem cells are increasingly to be found in the spotlight of research. Researchers from the Biozentrum of the University of Basel and the Austrian Academy of Sciences have found that the loss of function of a protein co more

  • Harvard researchers define 'good' stem cells

    After more than a decade of incremental – and paradigm shifting, advances in stem cell biology, almost anyone with a basic understanding of life sciences knows that stem cells are the basic form of cell from which all specialized cells, and eventually organs and body parts, derive. But what makes a more

  • Stem cells to generate myelin

    Stem cell technology has long offered the hope of regenerating tissue to repair broken or damaged neural tissue. Findings from a team of UC Davis investigators have brought this dream a step closer by developing a method to generate functioning brain cells that produce myelin — a fatty, insulating s more

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  • Successful Isolation of a Proliferating Cell Population with Stem Cell-like Properties from Rat Pancreas

    Exocrine glands have been shown to be potential sources of pluri-/multipotent adult stem cells that are highly versatile as demonstrated for pancreas, testis, salivary glands, and sweat glands. Primary cultures of these adult stem cells have the capacity for extended self-renewal and are able to differentiate in vitro into cell types of the three embryonic germ layers. The Fraunhofer EMB established a standardized isolation procedure that was successfully applied to the isolation of proliferating cells from different animal tissues and human biopsies. With this technique, tissue specimens are ­generally dissociated in a two-step protocol using collagenase. The gland-derived cell populations adhere to the culture dish and start to proliferate. During in vitro propagation, these glandular stem cells exhibit a population doubling of at least 30, depending on the organ and the species more

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  • Stem Cell Technologies: World Market Outlook 2011-2021

    How will the stem cells market develop this decade? Our new report shows you that emerging industry and market's revenue potential from 2011 to 2021. This report covers stem cells in therapeutic applications: technologies, products and services. You will assess events, opportunities and activities more

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4-Antibody - Scientific advisory board

A A Home About Us Investors Management Board of Directors Scientific Advisory Board Technologies Antibodies Overview Intellectual Property Glossary Partnering Press Room Career Contact Maps & Directions Basel Site Maps & Directions Jena Site Scientific Advisory Board Prof. Hidde Ploegh, PhD (Whitehe more

PromoCell - Cell Culture Products

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Roche NimbleGen | DNA Methylation | Product Info

    Sequence Capture CGH ChIP-chip DNA Methylation Gene Expression CGS Instruments Kits & Consumables Software DNA Methylation - Product Info Product Info Product Info Product Info Product Info Product Info Whole-Genome Designs Whole-Genome Designs Whole-Genome Designs Whole-Genome Designs Whole-Gen more

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