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Fixatives: Formaldehyde Fixing Media for Histology

Formaldehyde is one of the most common and effective fixatives used in histology. A solution is produced from a mixture of formaldehyde gas and water, such that a 4 % solution of more

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  • Automated anatomic pathology labs transform global tissue diagnostics market

    Growth in diagnostic test volume conducted across hospitals worldwide is lending momentum to the global tissue diagnostics market. In addition, the shortage of pathologists to perform these tests favors the automation of anatomic pathology laboratories, further spurring market development. New resea more

  • Frost & Sullivan anticipates large-scale switch to digital pathology systems

    Evolving technologies and market forces reveal that digital pathology is poised to radically affect the daily workflow and activities of pathologists and diagnostic laboratories. Attracted by the prospect of improved connectivity and reduced overall healthcare costs, most laboratories are anticipate more

  • Leica Biosystems To Acquire Aperio

    Leica Biosystems announced that an affiliate has entered into a definitive agreement to acquireAperio, a leading provider of ePathology solutions.Aperio will be integrated into Leica Biosystems. Together, the two businesses will leverage each other's strengths to grow and expand digital pathology in more

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  • Evidence for a Cysteine Proteinase Involved in BSE Infection and/or Progression

    According to the "protein-only" hypothesis, the prion protein seemed to be - for more than a decade - the infectious agent of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) in different species. TSEs are neurodegenerative diseases reported e.g., fo more

  • Expression Analysis of ABC Transporters in Lung Cancer Cell Lines Using a RealTime ready qPCR Focus Panel

    The novel small molecule inhibitors are often substrates of ABC transporters which influence the pharmacokinetic parameters of the drug candidates and cause drug resistance of tumor cells. Therefore expression profiling of ABC transporter genes in cell lines used for drug screening is highly important for anti-cancer drug discovery projects. Our purpose was to create a basic expression profile of ABC transporters in our mainly used lung cancer cell lines using the RealTime ready ABC Transporter Panel.The RealTime ready ABC-Transporter Panel comprises the 42 most important human ABC transporters in duplicate. The panel includes five controls for RNA quality and seven reference gene assays. The assays are supplied in a LightCycler® Instrument 480 Multiwell Plate 96 and contain target specific primers and a FAM-labeled Universal ProbLibrary hydrolysis probe that contains LNA more

  • Rapid High-Throughput Methylation Analysis Using the LightCycler® 480 System

    The LightCycler® 480 Instrument is a versatile platform for molecular studies. We assessed the performance of the instrument combined with the LightCycler® 480 High Resolution Melting Master mix for DNA methylation analysis using the methylation-sens more

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LIMS & Successful Scientific & Business Software Solutions

  LIMS & Successful Scientific & Business Software Solutions  Autoscribe   About   Careers   Contact Us   Company News   Customers   Directions & Maps   Exhibitions/Trade Shows   Industries We Serve   Letter from Managing Director   LIMS Selection Guide   Meetings & Seminars   Partners   Request Inf more

Solvent Recycling, Fractional Distillation, Crude Oil Distillation, B/R Instrument

Application Notes Spinning Band Distillation Bibliography Shareware   Histology and Pathology Petroleum Distillation Crude Oil Distillation General Solvent Recycling Monomer Purification Vacuum Distillation Micro-Distillation Flavor, Fragrance, Essential Oil and Natural Product Purification Solvent more

LIMS - clinical trials software developed by Clinical Systems

Home News & Events Products & Services ClinAxys ® II Details Clinical Trials Pre-Clinical Safety Instruments Installation Training Maintenance User Group Quality Quality Policy Quality Certificate Customer Area Contacts Vacancies Obtain Login Clinical Systems was founded in 1988 to promote and devel more

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Pathology Pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease through examination of organs , tissues , cells and bodily fluid s. The term encompasses both the medical specialty which uses tissues and body fluids to obtain clinically useful inf ... more


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