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U.S. Genomics Licenses Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA(TM)) Chemistries from Exiqon

LNA(TM) chemistries included in Trilogy(TM) platform reagent kits for microRNA analysis


Woburn and Copenhagen. U.S. Genomics and Exiqon have entered into a worldwide license agreement to incorporate Exiqon's Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA(TM)) chemistries into reagent kits for the U.S. Genomics Trilogy(TM) platform. Introduced into the market early last month, the Trilogy(TM) platform can directly detect and quantitate individual molecules of DNA, RNA and proteins without the need for amplification. U.S. Genomics plans to have the reagent kits that include LNA(TM) chemistries commercially available in the third quarter of 2004. T"Incorporating the Exiqon LNA(TM) technology into our Trilogy(TM) platform will provide life science researchers with a powerful new tool to analyze and detect single molecules, particularly microRNAs," said Stephen P. DeFalco, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Genomics. "We're excited to be working with Exiqon as part of our strategy to provide a complete solution of instruments, reagents, and software."

U.S. Genomics is the pioneer of Single Molecule Biology instruments and assays. Most traditional detection techniques rely on amplification of a target molecule, an approach that increases assay cost and complexity and can undermine the researcher's ability to quantitate accurately. The Trilogy(TM) platform offers a unique solution to detect individual target molecules.

Exiqon's LNA(TM) technology adds even greater sensitivity, specificity and discriminatory capabilities to the U.S. Genomics platform due to LNA's ultra high binding affinity, a unique advantage to target small RNA's. As a result, the first applications for this combined technology will enable scientist to measure directly small RNAs such as microRNA and siRNA. These molecules play an important role in cell development and disease by influencing the levels and activities of other RNAs and proteins in the cell.

"The U.S. Genomics Trilogy(TM) platform combined with our LNA(TM) technology provides new capabilities for functional genomics researchers worldwide," said Lars Kongsbak, CEO of Exiqon. "Looking ahead, we anticipate working with U.S. Genomics to bring other innovative solution to a wide range of life science applications."

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