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Actelion announces change in its management structure

Otto Schwarz appointed Chief Operating Officer


Actelion Ltd announced that Otto Schwarz has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO). Otto Schwarz joined Actelion in 2008 as Head of Business Strategy & Operations. In addition to Commercial Operations and Business Strategy he assumes responsibility for Corporate Services, Global Quality Management and Corporate Communications, with all three departments retaining their respective Heads.

Actelion Executive Committee with five core members

Actelion has also adapted the membership of its Executive Committee (AEC), chaired by Jean-Paul Clozel, to the needs of a growing organization and to strengthen leadership and governance. The Executive Committee members comprise:

  • Jean-Paul Clozel (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Otto Schwarz (Chief Operating Officer, Executive VP)
  • Andrew Oakley (Chief Financial Officer, Executive VP)
  • Guy Braunstein (Head Global Clinical Development, Executive VP)
  • Nicholas Franco (Chief Business Development Officer, Executive VP)

In addition to this core group, the extended AEC includes the following members:

  • Christian Albrich (Head Global Human Resources, Senior VP)
  • Marian Borovsky (Group General Counsel, Senior VP)
  • Martine Clozel (Chief Scientific Officer, Senior VP)
  • Roland Haefeli (Head Investor Relations and Public Affairs, Senior VP)

In line with the focus on strategic matters that includes driving innovation, the Chief Executive Officer will maintain the three co-heads of Research as direct reports: Beat Steiner (Drug Discovery, Biology), Thomas Weller (Drug Discovery, Chemistry) and Martine Clozel (Drug Discovery, Pharmacology and Preclinical Development).

The Group Compliance Officer, Peter Herrmann, will report to both the Chief Executive Officer as well as to the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, to ensure continued focus on corporate compliance.

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