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Direct PCR-based identification of bacteraemia and fungaemia in antibiotic-treated patients

Using CE IVD SepsiTest™ highly enriched microbial DNA is provided to universal PCR analysis. This results in ultra-sensitive pathogen identification more

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  • New Sequence Capture Technology Allows Targeted Sequencing for Human Exomes

    Targeted exome sequencing enables the discovery of many of the functional variations that are responsible for various diseases. Exome sequencing can also shed light on why diseases occur more often in certain populations, and can help uncover why drugs are effective only in a subset of the patients or population. The prevailing method for complexity reduction has been the preparation of amplicons by parallel, multiplex, or long-range PCR amplification. These PCR methods have severe cost and performance limitations, when scaled to the level required to take full advantage of the capacity of currently available sequencing systems. As a result, the bottleneck for sequencing projects has shifted to sample preparation more

  • Rare Variants of IFIH1 Protect Against Type-1 Diabetes

    Nejentsev and co-workers have found that rare alleles of all associated IFIH1 polymorphisms consistently protect from type-1 diabetes, whereas IFIH1 alleles carried by the majority of the population predispose to the disease. This observation suggests that variants that disrupt IFIH1 function in the host antiviral response have been negatively selected rather than positively selected, because they confer protection from type-1 diabetes. Although the mechanisms by which IFIH1 polymorphisms contribute to type-1 diabetes pathogenesis remain to be explored, the authors noted that one of the protective variants is a non-sense mutation leading to a truncated 626-amino acid protein lacking the C-terminal helicase domain (Figure 1), whereas two other protective variants localize to the conserved splice donor sites and probably disrupt normal splicing of the IFIH1 transcript. This suggests that variants, which are predicted to reduce function of the IFIH1 protein, would decrease the risk of type-1 diabetes, whereas n more

  • Orphan Drugs – An Alternative to the declining Blockbuster Model?

    Up until the new millennium, the pharmaceutical industry grew stronger by 11%. However, the blockbuster model is increasingly at risk and the declining growth rates in the industry require a search for new strategies. In this context, orphan drugs are becoming increasingly important more

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  • Mechanisms of Pro-Inflammatory Diseases (Z4)

    The field of human immunology is progressing swiftly because of progresses in basic immunology, genomics and systems biology. We propose a meeting that will put together clinical and basic scientists interested in inflammation and translational research. A particular emphasis will be given to human more

  • Hypoxia: From Basic Mechanisms to Therapeutics (E3)

    Tissue hypoxia occurs in a range of physiologic and pathophysiologic states. Consequently, the cellular response to hypoxia has important implications for both health and for diseases including (but not limited to) cancer, ischemia and chronic inflammation. Recently, the discovery and elucidation of more

  • Autophagy (E6)

    Autophagy is an essential catabolic process that plays important roles in cell stress management and nutrient homeostasis. Following the landmark discoveries of the molecules controlling autophagy in yeast, genetic studies in multicellular organisms have revealed diverse roles for autophagy in devel more

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  • Uganda Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2012

    BMI View: Uganda's pharmaceutical market is typical of developing markets: defined by an absence of a clear regulatory framework, a dependence upon drug imports and low healthcare expenditure per capita. Economic growth will aid the development of Uganda's pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors as af more

  • HD Medical Group Pty Ltd. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    HD Medical Group Limited (HD Medical) formerly HD Medical Group Limited is a medical device company. It is engaged in the development of proprietary and patented heart sound technology towards the diagnosis of cardiac diseases. The company design and develops devices that aid visual auscultation and more

  • Miraculins Inc. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Miraculins Inc (Miraculins) is a research and development company engaged in the discovery and validation of cancer biomarkers, which enable the development of diagnostic tools and therapeutic products. The company focuses on biomarker discovery using its proprietary B.E.S.T Platform for the screeni more

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Altair Therapeutics Inc. - Leadership in Respiratory Disease Therapy

Contact Us Business Development Future Products Lead Product Target Pre-clinical Summary Clinical Studies Technology Team Management Team Board of Directors Scientific Advisors Home News & Events Leadership in Respiratory Disease Therapy Altair Therapeutics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company devel more

DNA Test - Genetic Testing - Gene - Biotechnology | Asper Biotech

Asper Biotech is a genetic testing company with a set of robust and efficient DNA tests About Asper Biotech Company profile Management team Contacts Career opportunities How it works Genetic testing process Ordering genetic tests Requirements for samples Required DNA quantities Shipment of the sampl more

Circassia Holdings Ltd - Clinical-stage specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing me

Skip to the content Circassia Holdings Ltd Controlling the Immune System Home People Portfolio Partners News Contact Welcome to Circassia Circassia is a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a new class of T-cell vaccines designed to treat allergies and combat organ transplant re more

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Allograft diseases

Allograft diseases Allograft diseases are those in which cancerous cells are spread between individuals of the same species by physical contact. To date only two such diseases have been discovered, these are Devil facial tumour disease found in ... more


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