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  • Social context matters in spread of disease

    "Patient zero" isn't entirely to blame when an infection takes root in a population. According to Rice University scientists, social context in the community has a lot to do with how a disease spreads. Rice researchers who study fruit flies found that the ratio of females to males as well as the mat more

  • Monitoring Pollen Using an Aircraft: Pollen Present at Variable Elevations

    Plant pollen and fungal spores can be found at variable heights in the air, even at elevations up to 2000 meters. This is the conclusion of a report by researchers of Helmholtz Zentrum München and Technical University of Munich together with Greek colleagues, which was published in the journal ‘Scie more

  • Easier diagnosis for fungal infection of the lungs

    A new clinical imaging method developed in collaboration with a University of Exeter academic may enable doctors to tackle one of the main killers of patients with weakened immune systems sooner and more effectively. The spores of the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus are tiny, everywhere in the air and more

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