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  • New MutChromSeq technique makes valuable genes easier to find

    Identifying the gene for an interesting trait that might help you breed better crops isn't always easy - especially if you're working with wheat or barley. But scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norwich have applied an innovative technique to the wheat and barley genomes that makes it easier to more

  • Breakthrough in understanding the functionality of GPCRs

    Integral Molecular announced a major advancement in understanding the functionality of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), the largest protein superfamily in the human genome, providing unprecedented insight for human disease therapeutics. The work answers the fundamental question of how GPCRs, a c more

  • Cheaper, greener way to make new drugs

    This alternative approach to creating artificial organic molecules, called bioretrosynthesis, was first proposed four years ago by Brian Bachmann, associate professor of chemistry at Vanderbilt University. Now Bachmann and a team of collaborators report that they have succeeded in using the method t more

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Signature tagged mutagenesis

Signature tagged mutagenesis Often abbreviated to STM, Signature-Tagged Mutagenesis is a genetic technique used to study gene function. Recent advances in genome sequencing have allowed us to catalogue a large variety of organisms genomes, bu ... more


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