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  • Chris Beaver joins Pharmanet as Director, Immunochemistry Services

    PharmaNet Development Group, Inc. announced that Chris Beaver, PhD has joined the Company as Director, Immunochemistry Services. Dr. Beaver is responsible for leading the immunochemistry team within the Company’s bioanalytical laboratories and expanding its large molecule services, including assay more

  • Dako enters new collaboration on targeted therapies for non-small cell lung cancer

    Dako has entered into collaboration with Genentech, OSI and Roche for the clinical development and application for a Premarket Approval Supplement (sPMA) and CE marking of EGFR pharmDx for use of the EGFR pharmDx test as a potential aid in the assessment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patient more

  • BioVeris Completes Merger With Roche

    BioVeris Corporation announced that on June 25, 2007 the Company's stockholders voted to approve Roche's acquisition of BioVeris, and that the transaction was completed. The acquisition will allow Roche Diagnostics to expand its immunochemistry business from the human diagnostic field into new mar more

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Immunochemistry Immunochemistry is a branch of chemistry that involves the study of the reactions and components on the immune system . Various methods in immunochemistry has been developed and refined, and been used in scientific study, from v ... more


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