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Systematic name Toxaphene
Chemical formula C10H10Cl8
Molar mass 414 g/mol
Density 1,65 g·cm−3
Melting point 65–90 °C
Boiling point decomposition
CAS number [8001-35-2]
SMILES xxxxx
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Toxaphene is an organic insecticide with the approximate empirical formula C10H10Cl8 and average molecular mass of 414. It is usually seen as a yellow to amber waxy solid, or in gas form. In 1990, it was banned for all uses in the United States. When inhaled or ingested, sufficient quantities of toxaphene can damage the lungs, nervous system, and kidneys, and may cause death. Today it belongs to the so-called Dirty Dozen, a list of very toxic substances, which were outlawed 2001/04 by the Stockholm Convention.

Also called: camphechlor, chlorinated camphene, polychlorocamphene, chlorocamphene, octachlorocamphene

Trademarked name: Toxaphene, Strobane, Mellipax

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