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IUPAC name 2-(4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenyl)chromenylium-3,5,7-triol
CAS number 643-84-5
PubChem 159287
Molecular formula C17H15O7+
Molar mass 331.2968
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Malvidin is an anthocyanidin. As a primary plant pigment, its glycosides are highly abundant in nature. It is primarily responsible for the color of red wine, Vitis vinifera being one of its sources.[citation needed] It is also one of the anthocyanidins responsible for the blue pigment found in the Primula polyanthus plant.

Additional recommended knowledge

Slightly acidic and neutral solutions of malvidin are characteristically of a red color, while basic solutions of malvidin yield a blue color.


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