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Hallermann-Streiff syndrome

The Hallermann-Streiff syndrome (also known as the François Dyscephalic Syndrome, Hallermann-Streiff-François syndrome, Oculomandibulodyscephaly with hypotrichosis and the Oculomandibulofacial Syndrome) is a disorder that effects the body's stature, head structure and hair growth. Patients with this syndrome are shorter than the average person and may not develop hair in many places, including in the facial, leg and pubic areas. Many patients also have problems with teeth growing enough or only develop one set of teeth in their lifetime. Eye problems may include clouded or reduced eye size.

Additional recommended knowledge

There are less than 200 people with that syndrome worldwide. An organisation supporting people with the Hallermann Streiff Syndrome is the Germany based "Schattenkinder e.V."

Eye findings include bilateral cataract and glaucoma.

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