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Promotion of Aggregation as a Means of Assessing the Stability of Antibody Molecules

Thioflavin T aggregation assay to determine antibody stability using the FLUOstar Omega


The efficiency of antibody molecules is dependent on their stability. We introduce an assay setup where stability of antibodies is measured. Shaking stress is initiated by the FLUOstar Omega microplate reader and aggregation propensity of antibody ca


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Membrane Fluidity Measurements Using UV Fluorescence Polarization and the POLARstar Omega


The POLARstar Omega microplate reader from BMG LABTECH was used to study membrane fluidity via fluorescence polarization in 96-well format. The method allows for the monitoring of large scale alterations in membrane fluidity (such as phase transition


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Increased Vitality of Primary Mouse Hepatocytes Isolated with Liberase TM Research Grade


As drugs applied to organisms are metabolized via the liver, hepatocytes represent a useful and common study model. Primary hepatocytes are widely used to evaluate the toxic effects of drugs and xenobiotics. A variety of metabolic parameters have bee


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HelpCorner - Transfection


Transfection is the delivery of DNA, RNA, proteins, and macromelecules into eukaryotic cells. The goals for transfection include the study of gene function and regulation as well as protein expression and function. It is also used for gene silencing


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Bradford Assay Performed on BMG LABTECH´s FLUOstar Omega with new Evaluation Software


Determining the protein concentration of samples is a necessary and often used method in biochemistry. Different colorimetric protein assays have been developed. The most commonly used methods are the Bradford assay, the Lowry assay and the BCA assay


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