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Protection for Antibodies and Antigens Coated on Plates

For Long-Term Stability of Antibodies Coated on ELISA-Plates, Affinity Columns and Other Surfaces

Liquid Plate Sealer® for Long-Term Stability of Coated ELISA Plates

Liquid Plate Sealer protects and stabilises coated antibodies and antigens. Liquid Plate Sealer is useable on different surfaces including ELISA-plates, beads, glass slides, membranes for protein arrays or even lateral flow assays. Use is very simple. After immobilisation, LPS is simply incubated with the coated antibodies or antigens. Then you can dry in any standard drying oven or incubator for a short time.

The dried ELISA plates can be stored for long periods at 4 °C. Even moist storage is possible, but with shorter shelf life. Liquid Plate Sealer seals the plates with a uniform and stabilizing layer. This protective layer has very good solubility. Therefore it doesn’t affect the assay afterwards.

This technique is used in the production of immunodiagnostics like ELISA kits in order to enhance the shelf life of the kits. Shelf life can reach several years as shown by impressive results in stress-testing at 45 °C. Long-term storage is done at 4 °C thus saving cumbersome freezing and thawing of plates.

This stabilizer can also be used for immunochromatography, affinity columns and other methods. Liquid Plate Sealer is available in volumes from 50 ml to Bulk-supplies for diagnostics manufacturers. Use this professional industrial technology for your own lab!

Coat a complete stack of plates in one run. With Liquid Plate Sealer you can store them safely and use them whenever needed. Thus you can work more efficiently and save time even if you don’t need hundreds of plates for your own ELISA.

Industrial Technology for Long-Term Stabilisation → for a Professional Workflow in Your Lab

CANDOR offers a complete and balanced range of buffers and solutions for all working steps of detection methods based on antibodies. The quality conforms to the highest requirements. CANDOR Bioscience is DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. All batches run through an analytical control and are authorised by our quality management before being sold.

CANDOR Buffers & Solutions are your best tools for increased safety and efficiency in your assays for biological, medical and pharmaceutical research as well as for food, veterinary and human diagnostics. All products can be used in regulated areas, such as GLP-laboratories.

CANDOR Bioscience offers technical support by phone or email concerning all questions regarding long-term stabilization of assay components like antibodies, conjugates and antigens or regarding LowCross, matrix effects and interference in immunoassays. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We are happy to answer your questions by phone at +49 (0) 7522 / 2669 684

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