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  • CureVac to Pursue mRNA Vaccines Against Flu and Malaria

    CureVac AG announced the awarding of two new grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The programs will leverage CureVac’s RNActive® prophylactic vaccine technology to develop mRNA-based vaccines designed to prevent influenza and malaria infection. These vaccines, which are flexible in their more

  • The potential of two drugs to block malaria transmission

    An international team of researchers has shown that two different compounds-one, an older malaria drug, the other a common laboratory dye with known antimalarial properties-can safely and effectively be added to treatment regimens to block transmission of the most common form of malaria in Africa. T more

  • Malaria parasite packs genetic material for trip from mosquitoes to humans

    The parasite that causes malaria has not one, but two, specialized proteins that protect its messenger RNAs -- genetic material that encodes for proteins -- until the parasite takes up residence in a new mosquito or a human host. A new study by researchers at Penn State describes the two proteins an more

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2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015 goes to William Campbell & Satoshi Ōmura "for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites" and Youyou Tu "for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria". more

Events Malaria

23-05 – 25-05
Heidelberg, DE

EMBL Conference: BioMalPar XIV: Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite

Malaria remains one of the most significant global public health challenges, with more than 300 million clinical cases world-wide each year. The lack of an effective licensed vaccine and the continual emergence of drug-resistant malaria parasites make the search for new control and prevention strate

10-06 – 15-06
Newport, US

Biology of Host-Parasite Interactions

The 2018 GRC on the Biology of Host-Parasite Interactions is focused on new molecular and translational advances in parasitic diseases. The conference will emphasize the fundamental biology of a wide range of human and veterinarian pathogens that cause malaria, toxoplasmosis, trypanosomiasis, leishm

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  • Uganda Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2012

    BMI View: Economic growth and the resulting increase in Uganda's middle-class population will lead to rising demand for quality healthcare services as incomes improve. Investment into private healthcare facilities in Uganda in order to meet the demand for services is therefore an advisable business more

  • Malaria – Pipeline Review, H2 2012

    Introduction Global Markets Direct’s, 'Malaria - Pipeline Review, H2 2012', provides an overview of the indication’s therapeutic pipeline. This report provides information on the therapeutic development for Malaria, complete with latest updates, and special features on late-stage and discontinued more

  • Zimbabwe Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2012

    BMI View: The outlook for Zimbabwean healthcare and pharmaceuticals will be more affected by the general election in November than any industry-specific factors. Furthermore, BMI does not foresee much of an improvement in Zimbabwe’s investment environment while Zanu PF remains in power and liquidity more

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Malaria Malaria is a vector -borne infectious disease caused by protozoan parasite s. It is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of the Americas , Asia , and Africa . Each year, it causes disease in approximately 5 ... more


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