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Drug Delivery

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  • Drugs can be made 'smarter'

    A new method has been developed to make drugs 'smarter' using nanotechnology so they will be more effective at reaching their target. Scientists from the University of Lincoln, UK, have devised a new technique to 'decorate' gold nanoparticles with a protein of choice so they can be used to tailor dr more

  • Modified biomaterials self-assemble on temperature cues

    Biomedical engineers from Duke University have demonstrated a new approach to making self-assembled biomaterials that relies on protein modifications and temperature. The hybrid approach allows researchers to control self-assembly more precisely, which may prove useful for a variety of biomedical ap more

  • Novel technology for anticancer drug delivery on demand

    With the goal of minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy on healthy tissues, a team of researchers at the Center for Self-assembly and Complexity, within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) have developed novel nanocontainers able to deliver anticancer drugs at precise timing and location. The more

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‘Cellbots’ Chase Down Cancer

Engineered human immune cells can precisely locate diseased cells anywhere in the body and execute a wide range of customizable responses, including the delivery of drugs or other therapeutic payloads directly to tumors or other unhealthy tissues. more

Artificial "cells" that move like the real thing

Artificial “cells” like these could someday zoom around in the body and deliver medicine to specific locations, provide in-tissue diagnostics and act as provide viable replacements for whole cells and organs. To do this, they will need to be able to navigate the complex environments of our bodie ... more

Ultrasound drug delivery

Using ultrasound waves, researchers have found a way to enable rapid delivery of drugs to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This approach could make it easier to deliver drugs to patients suffering from GI disorders. more

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  • Structural and Chemical 3D Imaging with AFM and Raman.

    In the Life Sciences and Bio-medical Research, the characterization of chemical compounds within cells or tissues is one of the most important and difficult tasks for researchers to perform. The development of pharmaceuticals such as drug delivery co more

Events Drug Delivery

16-06 – 17-06
New London, US

Barriers of the CNS (GRS)

The Gordon Research Seminar on Barriers of the CNS is an excellent intimate forum for young scientists to exchange ideas. The focus of this small seminar is to provide a platform for postdocs and graduate students to exchange ideas through the presentation of unpublished data.

17-06 – 22-06
New London, US

Barriers of the CNS

Since 1999, the Barriers of the CNS Gordon Research Conference has played an integral role in bringing together, maintaining, and shaping a multidisciplinary international group of world-wide scientists and clinicians that have a genuine interest in brain barriers in health and disease. As such, one

11-08 – 12-08
West Dover, US

Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology (GRS)

The 2018 Gordon Research Seminar on Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology is the third biennial forum for young researchers to present data and exchange ideas in the areas of materials, immunology, and drug delivery. The Drug Carriers GRS provides a platform for graduate students, post-docs, and bio

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Neural drug delivery systems

Neural drug delivery systems Neural drug delivery is the next step beyond the basic addition of growth factors to nerve guidance conduits . Drug delivery systems allow the rate of growth factor release to be regulated over time, which is crit ... more


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