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  • Ensuring the integrity of our genetic material during reproduction

    The genetic information we receive from our parents in the form of chromosomes are mosaics assembled from the two copies of chromosomes each parent has. This reshuffling of chromosome pieces happens via a cut and paste mechanism. How such cuts – or breaks – in our genetic material are repaired is th more

  • New imaging technique shows how DNA is protected at chromosomes' ends

    A new imaging technique has allowed researchers at North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Pittsburgh to see how DNA loops around a protein that aids in the formation of a special structure in telomeres. The work provides new insights i more

  • Copying chromosome caps

    DNA replication – the process of copying the DNA each time a cell divides – faces many sources of stress, such as DNA damage and sequences that are difficult to copy. A family of related enzymes, including SMARCAL1, responds to replication stress to stabilize, repair and restart stalled replication more

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Exploding chromosomes and childhood cancer

Jan Korbel explains how he and colleagues found a link between exploding chromosomes, an inherited mutation, and a particularly aggressive form of childhood brain cancer. more

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List of number of chromosomes of various organisms

List of number of chromosomes of various organisms This page lists the numbers of Chromosome s in various plants , animals , protists , and other living organisms, given as the diploid number (2n) Sorted alphabetically *African Wild Dog 78 ... more


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