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  • Scientists adopt new strategy to find Huntington's disease therapies

    Scientists searched the chromosomes of more than 4,000 Huntington's disease patients and found that DNA repair genes may determine when the neurological symptoms begin. The results may provide a guide for discovering new treatments for Huntington's disease and a roadmap for studying other neurologic more

  • Two Are Better Than One – Another Checkpoint Enzyme for Flawless Cell Division

    The error-free distribution of genetic material during cell division is important for preventing the development of tumor cells. A research group at the Biozentrum, University of Basel, has uncovered a new important function of the human enzyme Plk1. It plays a significant role in monitoring chromos more

  • What Holds Chromosomes Together

    All living organisms consist of cells that have arisen from other living cells by the process of cell division. In order to ensure that the genetic material is equally and accurately distributed between the two daughter cells during cell division, the DNA fibers must remain in an orderly and closely more

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Enobia Pharma - Glossary

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Roche NimbleGen | DNA Methylation | Product Info

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List of number of chromosomes of various organisms

List of number of chromosomes of various organisms This page lists the numbers of Chromosome s in various plants , animals , protists , and other living organisms, given as the diploid number (2n) Sorted alphabetically *African Wild Dog 78 ... more


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