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  • Copying chromosome caps

    DNA replication – the process of copying the DNA each time a cell divides – faces many sources of stress, such as DNA damage and sequences that are difficult to copy. A family of related enzymes, including SMARCAL1, responds to replication stress to stabilize, repair and restart stalled replication more

  • Scientists discover genetic mechanism essential to ovary development

    Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Faculty of Medicine have announced a discovery that is expected to allow doctors to diagnose a disease causing infertility and lack of puberty in women, with implications for the development of future treatment options. The mammalian ovary functions more

  • X-citing X chromosome discovery could aid research on many sex-linked disorders

    A team of scientists from the University of Michigan Medical School showed that the genetic material in female (but not male) cells makes tiny amounts of a special genetic material called RNA to make one of the two X chromosomes silent. They call this RNA XistAR. Back in biology class, you probably more

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List of number of chromosomes of various organisms

List of number of chromosomes of various organisms This page lists the numbers of Chromosome s in various plants , animals , protists , and other living organisms, given as the diploid number (2n) Sorted alphabetically *African Wild Dog 78 ... more


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