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Identify All Kinds of Microorganisms

The Biolog ID system is the only platform that enables you to identify not only bacteria and yeast, but also filamentous fungi more

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  • Diamond ring architecture of a protein complex

    Just as diamond ring is needed in marriage, NuA4/Tip60, a complex with diamond ring architecture, is required for regulatory and repairing processes. Prof. CAI Gang and Prof. Jacques Côté's team reports the 4.7 Å structure of the yeast NuA4/TIP60 complex, which elucidates the detailed architecture a more

  • New antifungal provides hope in fight against superbugs

    Microscopic yeast have been wreaking havoc in hospitals around the world--creeping into catheters, ventilator tubes, and IV lines--and causing deadly invasive infection. One culprit species, Candida auris, is resistant to many antifungals, meaning once a person is infected, there are limited treatme more

  • Production of protein pharmaceuticals with yeast

    It took several years, but a research team headed by Professor Jens Nielsen at Chalmers University of Technology has finally succeeded in mapping out the complex metabolism of yeast cells. The breakthrough, recently published in an article in Nature Communications, means a huge step forward in the p more

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Rapid Microbiology – Quick and Easy

The Biolumix rapid microbiological testing system facilitates simple and reliable testing of your products and raw materials for microbial limits and the absence of pathogens. Choose from a large variety of ready-to-use testing vials for total aerobic count, yeast and mold organism groups or single more

Identify All Kinds of Microorganisms

The Biolog ID system gives you not only a name to your isolate, but also provides a profound analysis of the metabolic properties. Using 95 different substrates and growth conditions Biolog creates a phenotypic profile of the analyzed strain. This ensures an alignment with the Biolog database with m more

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07-05 – 10-05
Heidelberg, DE

EMBO|EMBL Symposium: DNA Replication: From Basic Biology to Disease

There has been tremendous progress in the past few years regarding our understanding of DNA replication in eukaryotes, both yeast and mammals. Many important questions in the field are poised to be answered within the next decade. These include understanding DNA replication at the biochemical and th

10-06 – 15-06
New London, US


The 2018 Meiosis Gordon Conference (GRC) is the premier international meeting bringing together researchers studying the fundamental processes of meiosis, utilizing a wide range of approaches in various different organisms, to present new and unpublished results in the field. Researchers performing

17-10 – 20-10
Heidelberg, DE

Experimental Approaches to Evolution and Ecology Using Yeast

This conference series has become known for exploring yeasts as models to study questions of general relevance to evolution and ecology. Experts will speak on a range of topics, including evolution theory, ecology, genetics, cell biology, genomics, systems biology, metabolic modeling and engineering

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Yeast Yeasts are a growth form of eukaryotic microorganism s classified in the kingdom Fungi , with about 1,500 species described.Kurtzman, C.P., Fell, J.W. 2006. "Yeast Systematics and Phylogeny — Implications of Molecular Identification Me ... more


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