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SIRION Biotech is Europe's leading commercial supplier of viral vectors used for genetic cell modelling, gene target validation and gene therapy- and vaccination studies. Since its foundation in 2007, SIRION’s mission has been to change the paradigm for viral vector supplies. It has the ability to more

Virometix AG, Switzerland

Virometix AG is a privately held biotechnology company developing a new generation of vaccines and immunotherapeutic drugs for the prevention. In an increasingly global world there is a considerable medical need for vaccines to combat infectious as well as a number of chronic human diseases. Fast gr more

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Next Gen Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy & Novel Vaccines

Viral vectors are one of the top 3 topics in drug development. The discussions center on improved transductions and safety, specifically tissue specificity, titers and purity. SIRION Biotech is in Europe the #1 reference when it comes to sourcing viral vectors due to its experience with more than 500 single projects for more than 150 clients more

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  • A 3D structure of 1918 influenza virus-like particles

    Virus-like particles (VLPs) are protein-based structures that mimic viruses and bind to antibodies. Because VLPs are not infectious, they show considerable promise as vaccine platforms for many viral diseases, including influenza. Realizing that fine details about influenza VLPs were scant, a team o more

  • Combining different malaria vaccines could reduce cases by 91 percent

    Using two experimental anti-malarial vaccines, which work in different ways, can greatly reduce the number of malaria infections in animal studies. Experimental vaccines, which independently achieve 48% and 68% reductions in malaria cases, can achieve 91% reduction when combined. Presently, each vac more

  • A new kind of vaccine based on spider silk

    To fight cancer, researchers increasingly use vaccines that stimulate the immune system to identify and destroy tumour cells. However, the desired immune response is is not always guaranteed. In order to strengthen the efficacy of vaccines on the immune system - and in particular on T lymphocytes, s more

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A Summary of Common Vaccine Components

The recent measles outbreak in the US has once again provoked discussion over vaccinations, and why some parents choose not to vaccinate their children despite the benefits of doing so. Whilst not the only factor, part of the blame lies with misinformation about the chemical composition of vaccines more

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Nonclinical Safety Evaluation of Preventive Vaccines

Advances in biotechnology have driven the development of vaccines beyond traditional inactivated whole cell organisms into novel protein polysaccharide conjugates, peptides, and recombinant proteins. This unconventional drug class, however, comes with its own set of challenges. Its sheer diversity r


Application of DSC to structural studies on meningitis vaccines

Neisseria meningitidis is the leading cause of bacteraemia and sepsis in children and young adults due to the non-specific nature of the initial symptoms and rapid progress of the infection. Vaccination is the best approach to protect individuals and progress has been made in their development. Howe


Development, Validation, and Implementation of GMP Release Potency Assays for Vaccines

The function of vaccines is to deliver antigens in order to induce an immune response and immune memory. Vaccines can be categorized according to either the method of antigen presentation or their intended use. Most vaccines are preventative, which induce long-term immune memory that can protect the

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  • Vaccines - Senegal

    This market research report offers an in-depth perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for vaccines in Senegal. The analysis provides essential market information for decision-makers including:   * Overall market value for vaccines in Senegal * Overall market volume for more

  • iBio, Inc. (NYSE ) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    iBio, Inc. (iBio, formerly iBioPharma, Inc.) is a biotechnology company, engaged in the development of vaccines and therapeutic proteins based on its plant-based iBioLaunch platform technology, which is used in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. Its products include influenza vaccines, biodefenc more

  • Iran Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2012

    BMI View: We continue viewing Iran as one of the less attractive regional markets. Imposition of more stringent international sanctions, rampant inflation, and the loss of confidence in the Iranian rial weigh heavily on consumption and investment patterns, and also on government revenues and the aut more

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Timeline of vaccines

Timeline of vaccines This is a timeline of the development of prophylactic human vaccine s. Early vaccines may be listed by the first year of development or testing, but later entries usually show the year the vaccine finished trials and became ... more


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