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Reduce matrix effects and interference

For improving the reliability of ELISA and immunoassays and for substituting HAMA blocker

LowCross-Buffer® reduces matrix effects and interference in ELISA and immunoassays!

LowCross-Buffer is a substitute for HAMA-blocker and an effective solution for many matrix effects and interferences. It is an unique sample and antibody dilution buffer for better immunological detection. This buffer is useful for ELISA, EIA, RIA, protein arrays, western blotting, immuno-PCR as well as for immunohistochemistry. LowCross-Buffer® significantly increases the reliability of results. False-positives and false-negatives as well as high background can be prevented in many assays by using LowCross-Buffer®. HAMA-Blocker can be replaced, avoiding unneeded active substances in an assay.

The innovative formulation helps to minimise interference by prevention of low and medium affinity binding. But high-affinity binding is not negatively affected in any way. Thus nonspecific binding, negative effects of interfering substances, cross reactivities of antibodies and matrix effects are minimised effectively in most assays.

Minimisation of all these negative effects upgrades the quality of your assay and improves the reliability of results. LowCross-Buffer® in the version LowCross-HRP® is well suited for the long-term stabilisation of horse radish peroxidase (HRP) conjugates. LowCross-AP® can be used for stable storage of conjugates of antibodies or even Neutravidin with alkaline phosphatase in combination with the LowCross-effect. LowCross-Buffer® is used in pharmaceutical research assays validated according to FDA-guidances as well as for production of human diagnostics and food diagnostics like lateral flow assays (immunochromatography) and ELISA kits.

Simply change the buffer. See for yourself how it works!

CANDOR offers a complete and balanced range of buffers and solutions for all working steps of detection methods based on antibodies. The quality conforms to the highest requirements. CANDOR Bioscience is DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. All batches run through an analytical control and are authorised by our quality management before being sold. CANDOR Buffers & Solutions are your best tools for increased safety and efficiency in your assays for biological, medical and pharmaceutical research as well as for food, veterinary and human diagnostics. All products can be used in regulated areas, such as GLP-laboratories.

CANDOR Bioscience offers technical support by phone or email concerning all questions regarding LowCross, matrix effects and interference in immunoassays or regarding long-term stabilization of assay components like antibodies, conjugates and antigens. We look forward to hearing from you.

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