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Gigantic Poster for Studying Over 100 Inborn Metabolic Errors and Their Genes

In the online version, all metabolites, enzymes, and selected pathways are searchable and interactive. Disease associations are shown along the side more

Huge Metabolic Pathways Poster for Download, Interactive Viewing or to Hang up on Wall

In the online version, all metabolites, enzymes, and selected pathways are searchable and interactive. more

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  • Closing in on mystery surrounding dangerous blood syndromes

    Scientists may be on the road to solving the mystery of a group of mostly incurable blood diseases called myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), which cause people to have immature, malfunctioning bone marrow cells that fuel a diverse set of health problems and can lead to leukemia. MDS is linked to a num more

  • Proven biochemistry methods for new skin cancer therapy

    Like all other cells in the body, skin cancer cells need a cholesterol metabolism. With the support of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, a Viennese research group discovered deviations and particularities of this process in malignant melanoma that could help improve prognosis and therapy. For many year more

  • Enigma of fatty acid metabolism solved

    Fats are essential for our body. The core components of all fats are fatty acids. Their production is initiated by the enzyme ACC. Researchers at the University of Basel’s Biozentrum have now demonstrated how ACC assembles into distinct filaments. As the researchers report in “Nature,” the type of f more

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03-10 – 06-10
Heidelberg, DE

EMBO|EMBL Symposium: The Complex Life of RNA

Before the genetic information stored in DNA can be used to direct cell growth and metabolism, it has to be transferred into RNA. Messenger RNAs (mRNAs) are key components in the transmission of genetic information in all life forms - from viruses to complex mammalian organisms. Exciting recent fin


Application of Virtual Screening to the Discovery of Novel NAMPT Inhibitors with Potential for the Treatment of Axonopathies

NAMPT is of great interest in a number of research fields, including NAD biology, metabolism and inflammation. By regulating NAD availability, NAMPT is able to control cell viability and the inflammatory response, and represents a novel target for drug discovery. Work at Babraham Institute has shown


Planning Your Crop Metabolism Programme: Study Designs to Answer the Right Questions

Regulatory residue chemistry studies are required for acceptable submission of an agrochemical product. Plant metabolism studies provide information on the metabolic fate of your product’s active ingredient. These studies determine the nature and amount of residues resulting from the direct or indir

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Metabolism adenosine triphosphate , a central intermediate in energy metabolism. Metabolism is the set of chemical reaction s that occur in living organism s in order to maintain life . These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, mai ... more


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