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  • Pioneering discovery of an odor-detecting receptor enhancer

    Each odor-detecting neuron (referred to as olfactory sensory neuron from here on), chooses a single odorant receptor gene from a fairly large number of options that are split into class I (fish-like) and class II (terrestrial-specific) odorant receptors. This strict selectiveness of sensory neurons more

  • QIAGEN and CENTOGENE to collaborate in bioinformatics for genetic diseases

    QIAGEN (NASDAQ: QGEN; Frankfurt Prime Standard: QIA) and CENTOGENE AG announced a collaboration and co-marketing agreement to provide customers more complete Sample to Insight research and clinical testing solutions in rare genetic diseases. CENTOGENE is a leading rare disease company providing insi more

  • ‘Hypermutators’ Drive Pathogenic Fungi to Evolve More Rapidly

    Mutations tend to get a bad rap, and deservedly so. A single defect in our DNA can strip us of our sight, thicken our lungs with mucus, prompt us to bleed to death, weaken our muscles or fill our organs with tumors. But in certain situations, a mutation can actually be a source of strength. For micr more

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How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-Extinction

Could we bring back mammoths? Should we bring back mammoths? Beth Shapiro explains the science of de-extinction and Jurassic Park, and asks if it’s a good idea at all.Could extinct species, like mammoths and passenger pigeons, be brought back to life? Beth Shapiro, evolutionary biologist and pio ... more

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03-12 – 05-12
Mohali, IN

Har Gobind Khorana Memorial Symposium on Genes, Genomes and Membrane Biology

We cordially invite you to join Har Gobind Khorana Memorial Symposium on Genes, Genomes and Membrane Biology which is being organized in memory of Dr. Har Gobind Khorana and his many achievements in science and includes former associates of Khorana from all over the world.

04-06 – 08-06
Hanover, DE

One Million Genomes: From Discovery to Health

The conference One Million Genomes: From Discovery to Health takes place from 06-04-2018 to 06-08-2018 in Hannover, Germany.

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Integrated Microbial Genomes System

Integrated Microbial Genomes System The Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG) is a genome browsing and annotation system developed by the DOE-Joint Genome Institute . IMG contains all the draft and complete microbial genomes sequenced by the DOE-JG ... more


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