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  • How does a cell maintain its identity during replication?

    Prior to cell division, chromosomes are seemingly a jumbled mess. During cell division, parent cell chromosomes and their duplicates sort themselves out by condensing, becoming thousands of times more compact than at any other time. Researchers have long assumed that genes become "silent" during cel more

  • Antibiotic resistance rises in 'lonely' mutating microbes

    A major study led by The University of Manchester has discovered that so called 'lonely' microbes, those living at low population densities, are more likely to mutate causing higher rates of antibiotic resistance. After analysing 70 years of data and nearly 500 different measurements of mutations, t more

  • Unknown virus in ‘throwaway’ DNA discovered

    In research scientists from Oxford University’s Department of Zoology have revealed that Next-Generation Sequencing and its associated online DNA databases could be used in the field of viral discovery. They have developed algorithms that detect DNA from viruses that happen to be in the blood or tis more

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Did Comets Kickstart Life on Earth?

That's right. Comets may have helped seed life on Earth. Far out, right? Sarah Everts has the chemical clues that back up this out-of-this-world hypothesis. more

The Race to Crack the Genetic Code

How was the code of DNA cracked? How did it confirm the theory of evolution? And why did life evolve the way it did? Matthew Cobb unravels the tangled story.Matthew Cobb is Professor of Zoology and a senior lecturer in animal behaviour at the University of Manchester. After spending some time re ... more

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La Jolla, US

Cellular and Molecular Explorations of Anthropogeny

The complete genome sequences of our closest existing and extinct relatives are now readily available. This has not only made possible the identification of positions in the genome where we are similar to chimpanzees and other apes but also reveals where and how all present-day humans, no matter whe

Zurich, CH

Transforming Your Pharma & Medtech Business Model

Understand the 6 shifts in the business environment that will force life science companies to change their business models – Know the 26 business models that are emerging and why your company needs to choose at all levels (global, regional and local) – Learn how to accelerate your business model’s e

04-12 – 06-12
London, GB


Understanding PhV today – a basic training course on the principles and practice of global PhV for those working in Drug safety.KEY TOPICS TO BE ADDRESSED AT THE PHARMACOVIGILANCE CONFERENCEPrinciples of Pharmacovigilance and Data ResourcesRisk Management and Risk MinimisationCausality Assessment: C

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  • Dynamics in the neural network of an in vitro epilepsy model

    Dynamics in the neural network of an in vitro epilepsy modelBo-Wen Liu; Jun-Wei Mao; Ye-Jun Shi; Qin-Chi Lu; Pei-Ji Liang; Pu-Ming ZhangInternational Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics, Vol. 18, No. 2 (2017) pp. 125 - 143Epilepsy is growingly considered as a brain network disorder. In this s more

  • Lessons from the Environmental Antibiotic Resistome

    Antibiotic resistance is a global public health issue of growing proportions. All antibiotics are susceptible to resistance. The evidence is now clear that the environment is the single largest source and reservoir of resistance. Soil, aquatic, atmospheric, animal-associated, and built ecosystems ar more

  • Evolutionary Genomics of Defense Systems in Archaea and Bacteria*

    Evolution of bacteria and archaea involves an incessant arms race against an enormous diversity of genetic parasites. Accordingly, a substantial fraction of the genes in most bacteria and archaea are dedicated to antiparasite defense. The functions of these defense systems follow several distinct st more

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  • Retail Clinics - 2012 Yearbook

    GBI Research’s new report, “Retail Clinics - 2012 Yearbook”, provides insights into the US retail clinic market, with coverage of the market landscape, key market trends, market drivers and restraints. The report provides market forecasts for the retail clinic industry until 2018 and the distributio more

  • Global Dialysis Market Report: 2012 Edition

    With the fast pace evolution of technology, economy, lifestyle and every other aspect of the surrounding environment, the most affected part of our lives is the health and the vital organs of body are the ones who bear the brunt. Uncertain lifestyle, bad eating habits are few such factors which are more

  • Global Human Growth Hormone Market Report: 2012 Edition

    Pituitary- the master gland of human body is responsible for controlling crucial hormonal secretion which in turn regulates other key aspects of human body such as temperature, growth, thyroid functioning, urination and production of other hormones. It is a pea sized gland situated at the base of br more

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Evolution In biology , evolution is a change in the inherited traits of a population from one generation to the next. These traits are the expression of gene s that are copied and passed on to offspring during reproduction . Mutation s ... more


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