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  • One step closer to crack the mystery of bacterial adaptation to antibiotics

    An international team including researchers from MIPT's Laboratory for Advanced Studies of Membrane Proteins have proposed an explanation of the way bacteria process external signals. By identifying the detailed structure of the protein complex used by bacteria, the scientists gained insights into t more

  • Molecular motor-powered biocomputers

    Crashing computers or smartphones and software security holes that allow hackers to steal millions of passwords could be prevented if it were possible to design and verify error-free software. Unfortunately, to date, this is a problem that neither engineers nor supercomputers can solve. One reason i more

  • Transport proteins suprisingly evolved long before their compounds emerged

    As in an arms race plants constantly develop new toxic compounds to protect themselves against herbivores and diseases - and as in war, mobility is important. Therefore, plants evolved transport proteins to efficiently and timely concentrate toxic defense compounds where they are needed the most. "I more

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Did Comets Kickstart Life on Earth?

That's right. Comets may have helped seed life on Earth. Far out, right? Sarah Everts has the chemical clues that back up this out-of-this-world hypothesis. more

The Race to Crack the Genetic Code

How was the code of DNA cracked? How did it confirm the theory of evolution? And why did life evolve the way it did? Matthew Cobb unravels the tangled story.Matthew Cobb is Professor of Zoology and a senior lecturer in animal behaviour at the University of Manchester. After spending some time re ... more

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10-06 – 11-06
Easton, US

Molecular Mechanisms in Evolution

The seminar Molecular Mechanisms in Evolution from 2017-06-10 to 2017-06-11 takes place in Easton, US and is organised by Gordon Research

11-06 – 16-06
Easton, US

Molecular Mechanisms in Evolution

The conference Molecular Mechanisms in Evolution from 2017-06-11 to 2017-06-16 takes place in Easton, US and is organised by Gordon Research

17-06 – 18-06
Diablerets, CH

Neuroethology: Behavior, Evolution & Neurobiology

The seminar Neuroethology: Behavior, Evolution & Neurobiology from 2017-06-17 to 2017-06-18 takes place in Les Diablerets, CH and is organised by Gordon Research

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Evolution In biology , evolution is a change in the inherited traits of a population from one generation to the next. These traits are the expression of gene s that are copied and passed on to offspring during reproduction . Mutation s ... more


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