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Endotoxin Detection

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Charles River Endotoxin Microbial Detection Europe SAS, France

Charles River is the world's leading supplier of endotoxin detection products. As a global provider of rapid microbiological product solutions, our goal is to provide superior product quality and consistency to the scientific community. more

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Enhanced Endotoxin Detection in pharmaceuticals and for medical device testing

Endotoxin-specificity of EndoZyme® eliminates all false-positive and elevated results seen with LAL due to ß-glucan reactions in the LAL cascade more

The 1st fully automated robotic system designed specifically for endotoxin testing in central QC lab

The Nexus™ utilizes innovative LAL cartridge technology and simple data management software to test 48 to 60 samples with minimal preparation & supervision more

EndoLISA®: A New Endotoxin Detection Method

Through specific sample preparation EndoLISA® revolutionizes endotoxin quantification in pharmaceutical and biological products more

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EndoLISA®: A New Endotoxin Detection Method

Endotoxins are of great importance, both in research as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. It is known, that endotoxin contamination can have a dramatic impact on the cultivation of cells and in animal models as well as in humans it induces an immune response that may lead to death. Therefore, more

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