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DNA Sequencing

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GATC Biotech AG, Germany

As a pioneer in the sequencing field, GATC Biotech is Europe’s leading service provider of sequencing and bioinformatics. For over 27 years the company has developed innovative sample-to-answer solutions for DNA and RNA sequencing with bioinformatics analysis for industry, research, and health care more

Beckman Coulter GmbH, Germany

Beckman Coulter develops, manufactures and markets products that simplify, automate and innovate complex biomedical testing. Our diagnostic systems are found in hospitals and other critical care settings around the world and produce information used by physicians to diagnose disease, make treatment more

News DNA Sequencing

  • Revolutionary imaging technique uses CRISPR to map DNA mutations

    A team of scientists led by Virginia Commonwealth University physicist Jason Reed, Ph.D., have developed new nanomapping technology that could transform the way disease-causing genetic mutations are diagnosed and discovered. Described in a study this novel approach uses high-speed atomic force micro more

  • Unknown virus in ‘throwaway’ DNA discovered

    In research scientists from Oxford University’s Department of Zoology have revealed that Next-Generation Sequencing and its associated online DNA databases could be used in the field of viral discovery. They have developed algorithms that detect DNA from viruses that happen to be in the blood or tis more

  • Research on crucial cutting enzyme maps sites of DNA damage in leukemias and other cancers

    Researchers studying a DNA-cutting enzyme with a crucial role in regulating the structure of genes have discovered a broad role for its cutting activity in driving abnormal genetic rearrangements called translocations that cause cancer, including leukemias and solid tumors. The enzyme, type II topoi more

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21-02 – 24-02
Cancún, MX

DIPSM — DNA and Interacting Proteins as Single Molecules - In Vitro and In Vivo Conference

The advent of single-molecule approaches has revolutionized our understanding of Molecular Biology. Combined advances in light microscopy, microfluidics, atomic force microscopy, and DNA sequencing have opened ways to bypass population averages and study individual molecular events for a variety of

17-06 – 22-06
Newry, US

Forensic Analysis of Human DNA

Advances in the knowledge of the human genome combined with the capabilities of rapid DNA sequencing technologies offer the forensic DNA community the potential for new tools to enhance human identification capabilities from crime scene evidence and severely compromised human remains. Simultaneously

01-07 – 06-07
Hong Kong, HK

Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology

Modern neuroscience research is being rapidly accelerated by recent technological disruptions – in high-throughput DNA sequencing, optogenetics, genome editing, computation, and optical and other imaging modalities – that enable the study of the cells and circuits of the nervous system at unpreceden

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DNA sequencing

DNA sequencing The term DNA sequencing encompasses biochemical methods for determining the order of the nucleotide bases, adenine , guanine , cytosine , and thymine , in a DNA oligonucleotide . The sequence of DNA constitutes the heritable gen ... more


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