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DKSH Performance Materials: Introduction of new program to source products

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Even under pressure to reduce costs, effective cooperation and hard work will always find a way to fulfill expectations.


Most global players in the pharmaceutical industry are facing dramatic changes: blockbuster products launched in the 1990s will lose their patents over the next few years and face competition which will threaten their steady earnings, while the number of new drug products per year is declining significantly. Against this background, global pharma companies have begun strict cost reduction programs. Just over a year ago, one of the top enterprises affected, a DKSH business partner for nearly 20 years, set out a challenge in the form of a new program to source products.


For some years, DKSH had been working with Nippon Soda in Japan to supply this customer’s needs and our two companies pulled out all the stops: Excellent cooperation between Nippon Soda, DKSH Switzerland, the local sourcing team in Japan, and logistics specialists in Europe enabled DKSH to submit a bid to supply our customer’s manufacturing sites worldwide with excipients.


In September 2009, it was announced that DKSH was one of the first suppliers worldwide to have been selected for the new sourcing program. At the same time, DKSH and Nippon Soda were also confirmed as long-term, key international partners. This amazing relationship has made Business Line Pharmaceutical Industry (PHI) a global player in the market which will rapidly increase PHI business worldwide, while at the same time opening up new business opportunities.

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Our success under pressure was due to the right attitude, excellent responsiveness and service, innovative supply and cost reduction solutions, and above all our never-ending search for quality.

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