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TrayCell Micro Volume Analysis

UV/Vis Micro Volume Analysis of DNA, RNA and Proteins – Simple, Efficient and Unique

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    TrayCell Micro Volume Analysis

    The TrayCell® is a unique fiber optic ultra-micro measuring cell for the UV/Vis micro volume analysis and has been designed to measure small samples, such as DNA, RNA or protein, with an outstanding level of reproducibility. As TrayCell is the same size as a standard cuvette, it can be used ... more

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    Hellma GmbH & Co. KG

    Hellma, founded in 1922, is the world market leader in cells and optical components made of glass or quartz glass, used for modern optical analysis. Hellma has its own subsidiaries in 14 countries as well as representatives in over 50 countries. Our product range with more than 2,000 items ... more

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