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Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST)

333 Techno Jungang-daero
42988 Daegu
Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Short description

DGIST started with a research institution in 2004 and grew into a research-oriented university by opening graduate program in 2011, and the undergraduate program in March, 2014. DGIST focuses its research and education in six areas, such as Emerging Materials Science, Information & Communication Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Brain Science, and New Biology. The six areas are called ‘MIREBraiN’: M for Materials, I for Information & Communication, R for Robotics, E for Energy, B for Brain, and N for New Biology. The pronunciation of MIRE in Korean is the same to that of ‘future.’ DGIST’s vision, which was declared in May 2012, is to become a world-leading convergence research university by nurturing the global leaders of knowledge creation and creating future convergence technology.

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    Opening up a new chapter for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's

    A research team led by DGIST Professor Moon Cheil at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences has identified the reason why the patients with the early stage of Alzheimer's fail to smell. The research team of Professor Moon Cheil conducted a joint research with the research teams led ... more

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