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Pipeline Insight: Small Molecule Targeted Cancer Therapies - New targets set to drive growth


Small molecule targeted therapies represent a highly lucrative class of anticancer therapies with 12 drugs currently approved for various tumor types. This promise of high commercial rewards has driven considerable pipeline activity for small molecule targeted therapies within cancer.


*Examination of the small molecule targeted cancer therapies pipeline with in-depth clinical and commercial profiles of Phase III candidates

*Seven major pharmaceutical market sales forecasts for Phase III pipeline products through to 2019 with product-specific assumptions

*Segmentation and analysis of the current small molecule targeted cancer therapies pipeline by developmental phase, drug target and company

*Insight and analysis of market potential including commercial opportunity and discussion of unmet needs


There are currently 288 small molecule targeted therapies in development for cancer. Single-target signal transduction inhibitors and multi-targeted inhibitors form the majority of the pipeline, accounting for 28% and 28% of the pipeline, respectively. These two classes each contain a number of agents with novel mechanisms of action.

Progress in understanding of how to target tyrosine kinases with small molecules has benefited oncology drug discovery. Efforts are continuing to develop small molecule inhibitors against other kinases that are more selective and capable of overcoming drug resistance. Around 30 distinct targets are currently being tested in Phase I clinical trials.

The late-phase small molecule therapies directed towards novel targets are forecast to generate sales of $3,635m by 2019 across the seven major markets. Abiraterone (Cougar Biotechnology/Johnson & Johnson) and BSI-201 (BiPar Sciences/Sanofi-Aventis) are forecast to achieve the highest sales by 2019.

Reasons to Purchase

*Identify key drugs and companies within the small molecule targeted cancer therapies pipeline based on sales forecasts and Datamonitor drug assessment

*Assess the shifting small molecule targeted cancer therapies market dynamic and how future treatment will incorporate pipeline products

*Identify licensing opportunities based on company portfolio and market needs

Pharmacy / Health   Market study
Year:   2010
Price:   11,400.00€
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