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lisa.lims: More Power for Your Lab

lisa.lims®, our Laboratory Information and Management System, optimizes your lab processes and supports your management in the organization, planning and implementation of workflows. Thanks to its special architecture, lisa.lims integrates processes even across different locations.

lisa.lims Offers You:

  • High efficiency in implementation and operation
  • Excellent user friendliness and extensive functionality
  • Optimum flexibility in adapting to your sector and project-specific requirements
  • Reliable support and modular product expansion

lisa.lims is a standard software. This enables optimum adaptation to the business requirements for your specific company and industry, in the public or private sector. lisa.lims is fully user configurable and, thanks to the broad spectrum of functions and optional additional modules, lisa.lims is an "out-of-the-box" solution. With customized expansion, we help you meet all of your requirements in one system.

lisa.lims Optimizes the Following Work Areas:

  • Planning of sampling
  • Registration of orders and samples
  • Distribution of samples to analytical workstations
  • Documentation of sample-accompanying data
  • Scheduling and checking of order flow
  • Recording and processing of measured values
  • Plausibility check and monitoring of limit values
  • Result validation
  • Preparation, distribution and archiving of reports
  • Invoicing and internal cost allocation for laboratory services
  • Sample storage and archiving of findings
  • Organization of information flows
  • Statistics and evaluations

lisa.lims Offers Integrated Modules For:

  • Chemical storage and logistics
  • CRM (offers, call center, invoicing, complaint management)
  • Document management
  • Electronic report archiving
  • Mobile data recording
  • Sample storage and administration of retained samples
  • Process laboratories
  • Administration of testing equipment
  • Analytical quality assurance and control charts
  • Resource and capacity planning
  • Recipe management
  • Stability Testing
  • Raw data archiving
  • Online access for internal & external customers of the lab

lisa.lims Communicates via Standard Interfaces With:

  • All types of instuments
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) systems
  • Process Control Systems (PCS)
  • Via file and XML based transfer with custom system (governmental institutions etc.)
  • Offline and online interfaces
  • WebService based  interfaces

prolisa.lims Report Archiving and Document Management – Norm-Compliant, Standardized, Automated
Manual archiving of paper-based test reports involves high workload and costs. The lisa.lims “Report Archiving” module was developed particularly for electronic administration and archiving of test reports, certificates, and studies according to the specifications of DIN/EN/ISO 17025. The lisa.lims “Document Management” module integrates documents as separate objects into work and laboratory processes. Key importance is attached to supporting and controlling the workflow as regards version management, access authorization and the release of individual documents.  

prolisa.lims Scheduling and Capacity Planning - Facts Instead of Intuition
Reduced costs and increased adherence to schedules: With prolisa.lims Scheduling and Capacity planning we optimize the use of your lab resources based on reliable facts about your lab activities:

  • Available ressources
  • Capacity of instruments
  • Current and planned orders

Todays management in service oriented labs requires this functionality very badly. It's impossible to coordinate and plan all of the laboratories ressources based on experience. The demands are raising from day to day driven by increasing pressure from customers and the staff spread around several departments and sites.

prolisa.lims – Stability Testing - Dynamic, Precise, Transparent
Quality, quantity and documentation requirements for stability testing and studies are increasing all the time, while pressures are growing on laboratories and logistics services to cut costs and streamline processes. The only way to cope is to seek extensive electronic support. The lisa.lims “Stability Testing” module offers specific, integrated solutions to meet the ICH guidelines for stability tests and the even more stringent requirements for such tests in “regulated” environments (GxP, FDA): from rough planning for the set-up of a study and detailed planning with discrete scheduling of tests, the wide-ranging functionality of storage and logistics processes, and the documentation of storage conditions, up to standardized reporting and evaluation.

prolisa.lims – Raw Data Archiving System RoSy
As a lisa.lims extension, the “RoSy” module enables effective raw data archiving in compliance with regulatory standards. Archiving raw data with RoSy offers fundamental advantages by optimizing process flows and considerably reducing paper-based archiving in the laboratory. Compliance with the strict requirements of FDA 21 CFR 11 qualifies this prolisa.lims module for use in laboratories with extensive testing and archiving processes, especially for pharmaceutical companies and their suppliers.

prolisa.lims – Web Service Modules - Interactive and Integrative

As “Web Services”, the prolisa.lims modules “WebShop” and “WebInfo” optimize lab communications with internal and external customers. They accompany the customer from the registration of a lab order and in status tracking right up to the presentation and evaluation of the results.

Labs benefit from a substantial reduction of the workload on their staff. Enabling customers to access the latest data online increases their loyalty while reducing the time demands on lab staff. The customer can always obtain information at any time on the current state of developments.

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