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Be on Top of Things – Plan, Analyse and Control Your Bioprocess Easier Than Never Before

The Platform Software Ready for Big Data an Comprehensive Management of Bioprocesses

eve is the new bioprocess platform sofftware

eve® is more than just a software program for planning, control and analysis of your bioprocesses. eve integrates workflows, devices, bioprocess knowledge and big data in one platform that allows you web-based organization of your bioprocesses. Thus, you maintain an overview of your projects and can efficiently execute them thanks to extensive monitoring and analysis options. 

eve is universally applicable. Due to its modular design, the software is equally suitable for users in research and industry. Since any number of bioreactors and shakers and analyzers can be connected, projects of any complexity can be conducted with eve.

All-Inclusive-Workflow and Packed with Bioprocess Expertise
eve covers every aspect of a bioprocess, with a straightforward user navigation system that keeps the workflow on hand at all times. The workflow integrates all of the experimental requirements, from project, experiment and batch planning to resource administration and analysis of the results.
Its integrated, expandable libraries organize information about process data, organisms, media, soft sensors and formulations. Your bioprocess expertise is organized in a central location, easy to expand and available anytime.

Web-Based and Reliable
Because eve is web-based, your bioprocess data are available for you right from a browser, ending your dependence on operating systems – one central installation is all you need. After the start-up of the computer eve is ready to go for as long as the computer is running. The bioprocess will be recorded in the background, even if no user is logged in. Even after a power failure, eve will automatically start up as soon as the computer is turned back on.

Customised and Selective
eve has a modular structure. The core software can be expanded with additional packages and tailored to individual needs. Therefore eve is as suitable for researchers as it is for users in industry. 

eve Unifies Bioprocesses
eve is the platform for big data in bioprocesses. It uses cutting-edge NoSQL technology instead of traditional SQL. The software also uses ElasticSearch, a powerful tool for analysing huge amounts of data in milliseconds. 

eve Core
The core software allows to plan and run experiments, including data storage and export. eve Core includes the following features:


  • Connect and manage any number of bioreactors and shakers, as well as analyzers*
  • Unlimited user access from everywhere without installation*
  • Supported protocols: OPC XML DA, OPC DA, OPC UA


  • Save all batch data in a central, fast NoSQL database (ElasticSearch)
  • Data and information management company-wide or work group-wide 
  • Libraries for experiments, organisms and culture media and compounds
  • Data import: .csv, excel, .eve, .iri
  • Data export: .eve, .csv

Monitoring  & Data Visualization

  • Monitoring of up to 80 batches*
  • Dynamic and fixed alarm
  • Audit Trail
  • Monitoring on any number of screens with up to 4 charts per browser window (multiple browser windows per screen possible)
  • Individually adjustable charts
  • Automatic marking of process phases in batches

*number depending on server performance and operating system

Plan & Control
The first additional package “Plan & Control” will be available in August 2016. It allows the planning of complex batch strategies and includes the following features:


  • Plan up to 99 Batches simultaneously
  • Quickly plan batches with recipes
  • Plan and control batch strategies
    • No programming needed
    • Batch phase transition configurator
    • Preconfigured functions
    • Programmable functions without limitations for advanced users


  • Compare running with completed batches
    • Time and event-based synchronisation
  • Soft-sensors (software-sensors)
    • Create easily on your own
    • Preconfigured INFORS HT soft-sensors
    • Gain information from real time data

eve is available as a monthly subscription or as a one-time license from INFORS HT or through INFORS HT distribution partners.

Request information now or download our brochure.

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