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The plant-wide MES reporting and workflow management system

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Visual and location-independent real-time reports


Integration of all (subordinate) processes


Plant wide batch tracking

Plant Integrate iT visualizes any production process

One of the most important prerequisites for the visualization of production processes with Plant Integrate iT is a consistent information management at MES level that goes beyond the boundaries of process stages and departments and is easy to integrate and operate.

With Plant Integrate iT, the required data from the individual production areas can be combined and evaluated centrally. Access to this central information platform via web browser is carried out using Microsoft standard software and thus offers maximum flexibility and security when introducing company-wide MES reporting systems.

We also offer the Plant Integrate iT Workflow add-on. It is a high-performance MES workflow management system for production-related business processes, which can be optionally implemented. The database-supported system can be used to manage and monitor manual processes in the production environment. Typical tasks include order processing, quality assurance (e.g. sampling) or the support of logistical processes. This also includes the collection and provision of data generated in and around production.

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