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  • Viruses thrive in big families, in sickness and in health

    The BIG LoVE (Utah Better Identification of Germs-Longitudinal Viral Epidemiology) study, led by scientists at the University of Utah School of Medicine, finds that each bundle of joy puts the entire household at increased risk for infection with viruses that cause colds, flu, and other respiratory more

  • Preventing cell death from infection

    Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have demonstrated the power of a new drug discovery technique, which allows them to find—relatively quickly and cheaply—antibodies that have a desired effect on cells. The TSRI scientists used the technique to discover two antibodies that protect h more

  • Marinomed Granted Chinese Patent for Antiviral Polymer

    Marinomed Biotechnologie GmbH announced that it has been granted Chinese Patent No. CN101678040, entitled ‘Antiviral polymer’, by the Chinese patent office. The patent covers the use of a specific polymer for the prevention and treatment of rhinovirus infections.Dr. Andreas Grassauer, CEO and co-fou more

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Rhinovirus Rhinovirus (from the Greek rhin-, which means "nose") is a genus of the Picornaviridae family of virus es. Rhinoviruses are the most common viral infective agents in humans, and a causative agent of the common cold . There are over ... more


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