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Effect of cold press and soxhlet extraction systems on fatty acid, tocopherol contents, and phenolic compounds of various grape seed oils

13-Jul-2017 | Fahad Al Juhaimi, Mehmet Musa Özcan, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2017

Abstract In this study, fatty acids, tocopherol contents, and phenolic compounds of the grape seed oils obtained with cold‐pressed and soxhlet extraction systems from several grape seeds were investigated. Linoleic acid contents of cold‐pressed oils varied between 59.61 and 72.13%. In ...


The effect of preultrasonic process on oil content and fatty acid composition of hazelnut, peanut and black cumin seeds

11-May-2017 | Fahad Al Juhaimi, Nurhan Uslu, Mehmet Musa Özcan, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2017

Abstract In this study, the effect of different sonication times (10, 20, and 30 min) on oil yields, extracted by using soxhlet together with preultrasonic treatment, and fatty acid composition of seed/kernels were investigated. The sonication of samples for 30 min caused the highest increase ...


Comparison of fatty acid profiles of dried and raw by‐products from cultured and wild fishes

16-Mar-2017 | Miguel Ángel Rincón‐Cervera, María Beatriz Villarreal‐Rubio, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Alfonso Valenzuela, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2017

Abstract Fish by‐products may become alternative sources of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). However, due to the high enzymatic activity in these biological tissues, special care must be taken to prevent lipid oxidation and hydrolysis. In this work, several ...


Highly efficient extraction of EPA/DHA‐enriched oil from cobia liver using homogenization plus sonication

15-Mar-2017 | Chia‐Hung Kuo, Hong‐Zhu Liao, Yu‐Hsiang Wang, Hui‐Min David Wang, Chwen‐Jen Shieh, Chin‐Yin Tseng, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2017

Abstract Cobia, Rachycentron canadum, is a species of marine finfish with emerging global potential for offshore aquaculture. The fillet processing by‐product, cobia liver, can be considered an accessible source of EPA/DHA‐enriched oil. Oils are mainly extracted with hexane in the oil ...


Lipids of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa IIPL32 with biodiesel potential: Oil yield, fatty acid profile, fuel properties

03-Feb-2017 | Mahesh Khot, Debashish Ghosh, Journal of Basic Microbiology, 2017

This study analyzes the single cell oil (SCO), fatty acid profile, and biodiesel fuel properties of the yeast Rhodotorula mucilaginosa IIPL32 grown on the pentose fraction of acid pre‐treated sugarcane bagasse as a carbon source. The yeast biomass from nitrogen limiting culture conditions ...


Composition and oxidative stability of oil from Salvia hispanica L. seeds in relation to extraction method

18-Oct-2016 | Grzegorz Dąbrowski, Iwona Konopka, Sylwester Czaplicki, Małgorzata Tańska, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2016

This study evaluated the influence of the extraction method on the composition, quality and oxidation stability of chia seed oil. Commercial chia seeds were purchased from a local market and oils were obtained using various methods: classical Soxhlet extraction using hexane and acetone, ...


Reduction of lauric acid in coconut copra by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction: Process optimization and design of functional cookies using the lauric acid‐lean copra meal

10-Oct-2016 | Probir Kumar Ghosh, Paramita Bhattacharjee, Mousumi Poddar‐Sarkar, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2016

Abstract Lauric acid, the principal saturated fat in coconut copra, was extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide (SC‐CO2) to obtain “lauric acid‐lean copra meal.” Fatty acid methyl ester gas chromatograph (FAME‐GC) analysis of oil recovered from copra meal by Soxhlet extraction, showed ...


Optimization of Oleoresin Extraction from Curcuma longa L. Using RSM and Determination of Equilibrium Constant

21-Apr-2016 | Swarrna Haldar, Hari Niwas Mishra, Gautam Chandra Majumdar, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2016

Abstract The effect of independent variables of Soxhlet extraction; temperature (35–55C), solvent‐to‐solid ratio (5–25, g/g) and particle size (0.15–0.6 mm) on oleoresin yield (% db), curcumin yield (% db) as well as total phenolic content (TPC) of extracts was investigated. Response surface ...


Effect of preparation and storage of khoa on physicochemical properties of milk fat

03-Feb-2016 | Amit Kumar, Neelam Upadhyay, Darshan Lal, Anil Kumar, Kamal Gandhi, Vivek Sharma, International Journal of Dairy Technology, 2016

The changes in milk fat during the preparation and storage of khoa were studied in three different seasons. Milk fat was extracted from the samples with chloroform using Soxhlet extraction. The solvent was evaporated using a vacuum evaporator followed by nitrogen flushing. The extracted fat ...


Extraction of Kiwifruit Seed (Actinidia Deliciosa) Oil Using Compressed Propane

28-Apr-2015 | Renata Coelho, Luis R.S. Kanda, Fabiane Hamerski, Maria Lucia Masson, Marcos L. Corazza, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2015

Abstract This study reports the extraction of kiwifruit seed oil using compressed propane as solvent and its modeling based on the Brunauer–ETmmett–Teller theory of adsorption. Temperature and pressure were the variables investigated on the kinetics of extraction. The overall extraction ...


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