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How to achieve a successful biaxial marriage

18-May-2018 | Philippe Poulin, Science , 2018

Matter is generally divided into three states, namely solid, liquid, and gas. Liquid crystals form a fourth state of matter; they combine properties of liquids, such as fluidity and the ability to flow, with properties of crystalline solids, such as structural order and specific optical and ...


Hybrid molecular-colloidal liquid crystals

18-May-2018 | Haridas Mundoor; Sungoh Park; Bohdan Senyuk; Henricus H. Wensink; Ivan I. Smalyukh, Science , 2018

Order and fluidity often coexist, with examples ranging from biological membranes to liquid crystals, but the symmetry of these soft-matter systems is typically higher than that of the constituent building blocks. We dispersed micrometer-long inorganic colloidal rods in a nematic liquid ...


Finding order in twos

18-May-2018 | Caroline Ash; Marc S. Lavine, Science , 2018

Liquid Crystals In nematic liquid crystals, the local orientation of the molecules hovers around an average direction. The orientational control bestows unusual optical properties. In theory, with the right sort of two-dimensional shape, it should be possible to create nematics with biaxial ...


Biological physics: Liquid crystals in living tissue

13-Apr-2017 | Linda S. Hirst; Guillaume Charras, Nature, 2017

Biological physics: Liquid crystals in living tissue Nature 544, 7649 (2017). doi:10.1038/544164a Authors: Linda S. Hirst & Guillaume Charras Evidence has been found that a biological tissue might behave like a liquid crystal. Even ...


Liquid Crystalline Granules Align in a Hierarchical Structure To Produce Spider Dragline Microfibrils

14-Mar-2017 | Ting-Yu Lin; Hiroyasu Masunaga; Ryota Sato; Ali D. Malay; Kiminori Toyooka; Takaaki Hikima; Keiji Numata, Biomacromolecules, 2017

The spider silk spinning process converts spidroins from an aqueous form to a tough fiber. This spinning process has been investigated by numerous researchers, and micelles or liquid crystals of spidroins have been reported to form silk fibers, which are bundles of silk microfibrils. However, the ...


Periodic assembly of nanoparticle arrays in disclinations of cholesteric liquid crystals [Applied Physical Sciences]

28-Feb-2017 | Yunfeng Li; Elisabeth Prince; Sangho Cho; Alinaghi Salari; Youssef Mosaddeghian Golestani; Oleg D. Lavrentovich; Eug ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2017

An important goal of the modern soft matter science is to discover new self-assembly modalities to precisely control the placement of small particles in space. Spatial inhomogeneity of liquid crystals offers the capability to organize colloids in certain regions such as the cores of the ...


Waltzing route toward double-helix formation in cholesteric shells [Physics]

23-Aug-2016 | Alexandre Darmon; Michael Benzaquen; David Seč; Simon Čopar; Olivier Dauchot; Teresa Lopez-Leon, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

Liquid crystals, when confined to a spherical shell, offer fascinating possibilities for producing artificial mesoscopic atoms, which could then self-assemble into materials structured at a nanoscale, such as photonic crystals or metamaterials. The spherical curvature of the shell imposes ...


Control of active liquid crystals with a magnetic field [Applied Physical Sciences]

17-May-2016 | Pau Guillamat; Jordi Ignés-Mullol; Francesc Sagués, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

Living cells sense the mechanical features of their environment and adapt to it by actively remodeling their peripheral network of filamentary proteins, known as cortical cytoskeleton. By mimicking this principle, we demonstrate an effective control strategy for a microtubule-based active nematic ...


Straining soft colloids in aqueous nematic liquid crystals [Engineering]

17-May-2016 | Peter C. Mushenheim; Joel S. Pendery; Douglas B. Weibel; Saverio E. Spagnolie; Nicholas L. Abbott, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

Liquid crystals (LCs), because of their long-range molecular ordering, are anisotropic, elastic fluids. Herein, we report that elastic stresses imparted by nematic LCs can dynamically shape soft colloids and tune their physical properties. Specifically, we use giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) as ...


Effect of Compression on the Molecular Arrangement of Itraconazole–Soluplus Solid Dispersions: Induction of Liquid Crystals or Exacerbation of Phase Separation?

04-May-2016 | Abhishek Singh; Avanish Bharati; Pauline Frederiks; Olivier Verkinderen; Bart Goderis; Ruth Cardinaels; Paula Molden ..., Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2016

Predensification and compression are unit operations imperative to the manufacture of tablets and capsules. Such stress-inducing steps can cause destabilization of solid dispersions which can alter their molecular arrangement and ultimately affect dissolution rate and bioavailability. In this ...


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