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The HUSH complex cooperates with TRIM28 to repress young retrotransposons and new genes [RESEARCH]

01-Jun-2018 | Luisa Robbez-Masson; Christopher H.C. Tie; Lucia Conde; Hale Tunbak; Connor Husovsky; Iva A. Tchasovnikarova; Richar ..., Genome Research, 2018

Retrotransposons encompass half of the human genome and contribute to the formation of heterochromatin, which provides nuclear structure and regulates gene expression. Here, we asked if the human silencing hub (HUSH) complex is necessary to silence retrotransposons and whether it collaborates ...


New insights into donor directionality of mating-type switching in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

31-May-2018 | Takahisa Maki; Naoto Ogura; James E. Haber; Hiroshi Iwasaki; Geneviève Thon, PLoS Genetics, 2018

by Takahisa Maki, Naoto Ogura, James E. Haber, Hiroshi Iwasaki, Geneviève Thon Mating-type switching in Schizosaccharomyces pombe entails programmed gene conversion events regulated by DNA replication, heterochromatin, and the HP1-like chromodomain protein Swi6. The whole mechanism remains to ...


Yeast heterochromatin regulators Sir2 and Sir3 act directly at euchromatic DNA replication origins

24-May-2018 | Timothy A. Hoggard; FuJung Chang; Kelsey Rae Perry; Sandya Subramanian; Jessica Kenworthy; Julie Chueng; Erika Shor; ..., PLoS Genetics, 2018

by Timothy A. Hoggard, FuJung Chang, Kelsey Rae Perry, Sandya Subramanian, Jessica Kenworthy, Julie Chueng, Erika Shor, Edel M. Hyland, Jef D. Boeke, Michael Weinreich, Catherine A. Fox Most active DNA replication origins are found within euchromatin, while origins within heterochromatin are ...


FACT complex is required for DNA demethylation at heterochromatin during reproduction in Arabidopsis [Plant Biology]

15-May-2018 | Jennifer M. Frost; M. Yvonne Kim; Guen Tae Park; Ping-Hung Hsieh; Miyuki Nakamura; Samuel J. H. Lin; Hyunjin Yoo; Ja ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2018

The chromatin remodeling activities of the FACT (facilitates chromatin transactions) complex are required for many cellular functions, including transcription, DNA replication, and repair. Here, we demonstrate that the two FACT subunits, SSRP1 and SPT16, are also required for genome-wide DNA ...


RNAi drives nonreciprocal translocations at eroding chromosome ends to establish telomere-free linear chromosomes [Research Papers]

01-Apr-2018 | Martina Begnis; Manasi S. Apte; Hirohisa Masuda; Devanshi Jain; David Lee Wheeler; Julia Promisel Cooper, Genes & Development, 2018

The identification of telomerase-negative HAATI (heterochromatin amplification-mediated and telomerase-independent) cells, in which telomeres are superseded by nontelomeric heterochromatin tracts, challenged the idea that canonical telomeres are essential for chromosome linearity and raised ...


Nucleolus as an emerging hub in maintenance of genome stability and cancer pathogenesis

12-Feb-2018 | Mikael S. Lindström; Deana Jurada; Sladana Bursac; Ines Orsolic; Jiri Bartek; Sinisa Volarevic, Oncogene, 2018

The nucleolus is the major site for synthesis of ribosomes, complex molecular machines that are responsible for protein synthesis. A wealth of research over the past 20 years has clearly indicated that both quantitative and qualitative alterations in ribosome biogenesis can drive the malignant ...


piRNA-mediated regulation of transposon alternative splicing in the soma and germ line

06-Dec-2017 | Felipe Karam Teixeira; Martyna Okuniewska; Colin D. Malone; Rémi-Xavier Coux; Donald C. Rio; Ruth Lehmann, Nature, 2017

Nature advance online publication 06 December 2017. doi:10.1038/nature25018 Authors: Felipe Karam Teixeira, Martyna Okuniewska, Colin D. Malone, Rémi-Xavier Coux, Donald C. Rio & Ruth Lehmann Transposable elements can drive genome evolution, but their enhanced activity is detrimental to the ...


The 5' region of Xist RNA has the potential to associate with chromatin through the A-repeat [ARTICLE]

01-Dec-2017 | Yuta Chigi; Hiroyuki Sasaki; Takashi Sado, RNA, 2017

X inactive-specific transcript (Xist) is a long noncoding RNA that plays an essential role in X chromosome inactivation. Although Xist RNA, like common protein-coding mRNAs, is transcribed by RNA polymerase II, spliced and polyadenylated, it is retained in the nucleus and associates with the X ...


Coordinated regulation of heterochromatin inheritance by Dpb3-Dpb4 complex [Genetics]

21-Nov-2017 | Haijin He; Yang Li; Qianhua Dong; An-Yun Chang; Feng Gao; Zhongxuan Chi; Min Su; Faben Zhang; Hyoju Ban; Rob Martien ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2017

During DNA replication, chromatin is disrupted ahead of the replication fork, and epigenetic information must be restored behind the fork. How epigenetic marks are inherited through DNA replication remains poorly understood. Histone H3 lysine 9 (H3K9) methylation and histone hypoacetylation are ...


Induction of H3K9me3 and DNA methylation by tethered heterochromatin factors in Neurospora crassa [Genetics]

07-Nov-2017 | Jordan D. Gessaman; Eric U. Selker, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2017

Functionally different chromatin domains display distinct chemical marks. Constitutive heterochromatin is commonly associated with trimethylation of lysine 9 on histone H3 (H3K9me3), hypoacetylated histones, and DNA methylation, but the contributions of and interplay among these features are not ...


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