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Innate immune sensor LGP2 is cleaved by the Leader protease of foot-and-mouth disease virus

29-Jun-2018 | Miguel Rodríguez Pulido; María Teresa Sánchez-Aparicio; Encarnación Martínez-Salas; Adolfo García-Sastre; Francisco ..., PLoS Pathogens, 2018

by Miguel Rodríguez Pulido, María Teresa Sánchez-Aparicio, Encarnación Martínez-Salas, Adolfo García-Sastre, Francisco Sobrino, Margarita Sáiz The RNA helicase LGP2 (Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology 2) is a non-signaling member of the retinoic acid-inducible gene-I (RIG-I)-like receptors ...


Beyond epigenetics

29-Jun-2018 | Kevin N. Laland, Science , 2018

In many complex animals, the germ line is separated from the rest of the body early in development, which led the 19th century biologist August Weismann to conclude that environmentally caused changes in an organism are not inherited. A revelation in recent years, and the focus of Russell ...


Genetics of alternative splicing evolution during sunflower domestication [Evolution]

26-Jun-2018 | Chris C. R. Smith; Silas Tittes; J. Paul Mendieta; Erin Collier-zans; Heather C. Rowe; Loren H. Rieseberg; Nolan C. Kane, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2018

Alternative splicing is a form of genetic regulation that enables the production of multiple proteins from a single gene. This study is one of the first to investigate variation in alternative splicing during a major evolutionary transition. We analyzed RNA from wild and domesticated sunflowers ...


Ancient genomes from North Africa evidence prehistoric migrations to the Maghreb from both the Levant and Europe [Genetics]

26-Jun-2018 | Rosa Fregel; Fernando L. Méndez; Youssef Bokbot; Dimas Martín-Socas; María D. Camalich-Massieu; Jonathan Santana; Ja ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2018

The acquisition of agricultural techniques during the so-called Neolithic revolution has been one of the major steps forward in human history. Using next-generation sequencing and ancient-DNA techniques, we directly test whether Neolithization in North Africa occurred through the transmission of ...


Cell-based screen for discovering lipopolysaccharide biogenesis inhibitors [Microbiology]

26-Jun-2018 | Ge Zhang; Vadim Baidin; Karanbir S. Pahil; Eileen Moison; David Tomasek; Nitya S. Ramadoss; Arnab K. Chatterjee; Cas ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2018

The outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria contains LPS on the cell surface. The presence of LPS creates an effective permeability barrier that protects gram-negative bacteria from small hydrophobic molecules. Because the entire LPS biogenesis pathway, including biosynthesis and transport, is ...


Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 11, Pages 64: Insights into Macrophage Heterogeneity and Cytokine-Induced Neuroinflammation in Major Depressive Disorder

25-Jun-2018 | Dey, Adwitia ; Hankey Giblin, Pamela A., Pharmaceuticals, 2018

Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 11, Pages 64: Insights into Macrophage Heterogeneity and Cytokine-Induced Neuroinflammation in Major Depressive Disorder Pharmaceuticals doi: 10.3390/ph11030064 Authors: Adwitia Dey Pamela A. Hankey Giblin Over 350 million individuals suffer from depression, ...


Inositol polyphosphates regulate and predict yeast pseudohyphal growth phenotypes

25-Jun-2018 | Kaitlyn L. Norman; Christian A. Shively; Amberlene J. De La Rocha; Nebibe Mutlu; Sukanya Basu; Paul J. Cullen; Anuj ..., PLoS Genetics, 2018

by Kaitlyn L. Norman, Christian A. Shively, Amberlene J. De La Rocha, Nebibe Mutlu, Sukanya Basu, Paul J. Cullen, Anuj Kumar Pseudohyphal growth is a nutrient-regulated program in which budding yeast form multicellular filaments of elongated and connected cells. Filamentous growth is required ...


OFF-responses of interneurons optimize avoidance behaviors depending on stimulus strength via electrical synapses

25-Jun-2018 | Sayaka Hori; Shigekazu Oda; Yuji Suehiro; Yuichi Iino; Shohei Mitani, PLoS Genetics, 2018

by Sayaka Hori, Shigekazu Oda, Yuji Suehiro, Yuichi Iino, Shohei Mitani Optimization of the types and timing of avoidance behaviors depending on the intensity of a noxious stimulus is essential for survival; however, processing in the central nervous system and its developmental basis are ...


Craniofacial genetics: Where have we been and where are we going?

21-Jun-2018 | Seth M. Weinberg; Robert Cornell; Elizabeth J. Leslie, PLoS Genetics, 2018

by Seth M. Weinberg, Robert Cornell, Elizabeth J. Leslie


Colorectal cancer mutational profiles correlate with defined microbial communities in the tumor microenvironment

20-Jun-2018 | Michael B. Burns; Emmanuel Montassier; Juan Abrahante; Sambhawa Priya; David E. Niccum; Alexander Khoruts; Timothy K ..., PLoS Genetics, 2018

by Michael B. Burns, Emmanuel Montassier, Juan Abrahante, Sambhawa Priya, David E. Niccum, Alexander Khoruts, Timothy K. Starr, Dan Knights, Ran Blekhman Variation in the gut microbiome has been linked to colorectal cancer (CRC), as well as to host genetic variation. However, we do not know ...


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