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Validated UPLC-MS/MS method for the quantification of dasatinib in plasma: Application to pharmacokinetic interaction studies with nutraceuticals in Wistar rats

14-Jun-2018 | Hadir M. Maher; Nourah Z. Alzoman; Shereen M. Shehata; Norah O. Abanmy, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Hadir M. Maher, Nourah Z. Alzoman, Shereen M. Shehata, Norah O. Abanmy Dasatinib (DAS) is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) used in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia and in the management of ulcerative colitis (UC). Since some nutraceuticals (e.g. curcumin, olive oil, and cocoa ...


Defining therapy goals for major molecular remission in chronic myeloid leukemia: results of the randomized CML Study IV

26-Feb-2018 | Susanne Saussele; Rüdiger Hehlmann; Alice Fabarius; Sabine Jeromin; Ulrike Proetel; Sebastien Rinaldetti; Katha ..., Leukemia, 2018

Major molecular remission (MMR) is an important therapy goal in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). So far, MMR is not a failure criterion according to ELN management recommendation leading to uncertainties when to change therapy in CML patients not reaching MMR after 12 months. At monthly landmarks, ...


Arresting of miR-186 and releasing of H19 by DDX43 facilitate tumorigenesis and CML progression

16-Feb-2018 | J. Lin; J.-C. Ma; J. Yang; J.-Y. Yin; X.-X. Chen; H. Guo; X.-M. Wen; T.-J. Zhang; W. Qian; J. Qian; Z.-Q. Deng, Oncogene, 2018

Cancer-testis (CT) antigens, rarely in normal tissues except testis, are expressed in many tumor types. In recent years, DDX43 has been shown to be expressed in several malignancies. However, the role of DDX43 during tumorigenesis is not well established. In the present study, we explored the ...


Secondary Philadelphia chromosome acquired during therapy of acute leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome

14-Feb-2018 | Habibe Kurt; Lan Zheng; Hagop M. Kantarjian; Guilin Tang; Farhad Ravandi-Kashani; Guillermo Garcia-Manero; Zimu Gong ..., Modern Pathology, 2018

The Philadelphia chromosome resulting from t(9;22)(q34;q11.2) or its variants is a defining event in chronic myeloid leukemia. It is also observed in several types of de novo acute leukemia, commonly in B lymphoblastic leukemia, and rarely in acute myeloid leukemia, acute leukemia of ambiguous ...


Dasatinib‐Induced Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

15-Jan-2018 | Nurgül Özgür Yurttaş, Ahmet Emre Eşkazan, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2018

Abstract Drug‐induced (Group 1) pulmonary hypertension (PH) is an important subgroup of PH involving dasatinib as a likely related agent, which is a second‐generation tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI), that is used in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). The mechanism of ...


Assessment of imatinib as first-line treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia: 10-year survival results of the randomized CML study IV and impact of non-CML determinants

01-Nov-2017 | R Hehlmann; M Lauseker; S Saußele; M Pfirrmann; S Krause; H J Kolb; A Neubauer; D K Hossfeld; C Nerl; A Gratwo ..., Leukemia, 2017

Assessment of imatinib as first-line treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia: 10-year survival results of the randomized CML study IV and impact of non-CML determinants Leukemia advance online publication, September 12 2017. doi:10.1038/leu.2017.253 Authors: R Hehlmann, M Lauseker, S ...


Targeting mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation eradicates therapy-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells

18-Sep-2017 | Elodie M Kuntz; Pablo Baquero; Alison M Michie; Karen Dunn; Saverio Tardito; Tessa L Holyoake; G Vignir Helgason; Ey ..., Nature Medicine, 2017

Targeting mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation eradicates therapy-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells Nature Medicine, Published online: 18 September 2017; doi:10.1038/nm.4399 Treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors results in a survival benefit in patients with chronic myeloid ...


The CLEC12A Receptor Marks Human Basophils; Potential Implications for Minimal Residual Disease Detection in Myeloid Malignancies

18-Jul-2017 | Marie Toft‐Petersen, Anne Stidsholt Roug, Trine Plesner, Lene Ebbesen, Gordon D. Brown, Line Nederby, Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry, 2017

Abstract Background: The transmembrane receptor C‐type lectin domain family 12, member A (CLEC12A) is known to be highly expressed on monocytes and neutrophils and is a reliable leukemia associated marker in acute myeloid leukemia. Consequently, detailed knowledge of the various normal cell ...


QnAs with Tony Hunter and James Allison [QnAs]

27-Jun-2017 | Prashant Nair, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2017

In the mid-1990s, the miracle drug Gleevec revolutionized cancer treatment, offering terminally ill patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) a new lease on life. Until then, the only weapons in the medical arsenal against cancer were the blunt and brutal triad of surgery, radiation, and ...


Hydroxy Cinnamic Acid Derivatives as Partial PPAR γ Agonists: In silico Studies, Synthesis and Biological Characterization Against Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cell Line (K562)

17-May-2017 | Joshi, Hardik; Marulkar, Kavita; Gota, Vikram; S. Ramaa, C., Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry , 2017

Abstract: Background: Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) is a nuclear receptor that regulates the expression of many genes relevant to carcinogenesis. By analogy to selective estrogen receptor modulator for treatment of cancer, selective or partial PPARγ agonists are ...


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