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Role of the novel endoribonuclease SLFN14 and its disease-causing mutations in ribosomal degradation [ARTICLE]

01-Jul-2018 | Sarah J. Fletcher; Vera P. Pisareva; Abdullah O. Khan; Andrew Tcherepanov; Neil V. Morgan; Andrey V. Pisarev, RNA, 2018

Platelets are anucleate and mostly ribosome-free cells within the bloodstream, derived from megakaryocytes within bone marrow and crucial for cessation of bleeding at sites of injury. Inherited thrombocytopenias are a group of disorders characterized by a low platelet count and are frequently ...


B cell clonal lineage alterations upon recombinant HIV-1 envelope immunization of rhesus macaques

22-Jun-2018 | Christina Yacoob; Miles Darnell Lange; Kristen Cohen; Kanan Lathia; Junli Feng; Jolene Glenn; Sara Carbonetti; Brian ..., PLoS Pathogens, 2018

by Christina Yacoob, Miles Darnell Lange, Kristen Cohen, Kanan Lathia, Junli Feng, Jolene Glenn, Sara Carbonetti, Brian Oliver, Vladimir Vigdorovich, David Noah Sather, Leonidas Stamatatos Broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies (bNAbs) isolated from infected subjects display protective potential ...


Cell-intrinsic regulation of murine epidermal Langerhans cells by protein S [Immunology and Inflammation]

19-Jun-2018 | Yaara Tabib; Nora S. Jaber; Maria Nassar; Tal Capucha; Gabriel Mizraji; Tsipora Nir; Noam Koren; Itay Aizenbud; Avra ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2018

Langerhans cells (LCs) are the exclusive antigen-presenting cells of the epidermis, capable of mounting immunity and tolerance. LCs maintain themselves locally by self-renewing throughout life, a process that is regulated by both LCs and keratinocytes. Nevertheless, the mechanisms underlying this ...


In vitro biomimetic engineering of a human hematopoietic niche with functional properties [Cell Biology]

19-Jun-2018 | Paul E. Bourgine; Thibaut Klein; Anna M. Paczulla; Takafumi Shimizu; Leo Kunz; Konstantinos D. Kokkaliaris; Daniel L ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2018

The development of an in vitro human bone marrow (BM) tissue appears essential to compile information on human hematopoiesis. Conventional systems fail at both capturing the complexity of the bone marrow niche while allowing the maintenance of functional hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). Here, we ...


High-throughput screening system for dynamic monitoring of exocytotic vesicle trafficking in mast cells

08-Jun-2018 | Takeshi Kiyoi; Shuang Liu; Muhammad Novrizal Abdi Sahid; Masachika Shudou; Kazutaka Maeyama; Masaki Mogi, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Takeshi Kiyoi, Shuang Liu, Muhammad Novrizal Abdi Sahid, Masachika Shudou, Kazutaka Maeyama, Masaki Mogi Mast cells, in addition to endocrine cells and neurons, are typical secretory cells. Their function in allergic inflammation is to secrete inflammatory mediators from secretory vesicles. ...


The effect of vitamin D and zoledronic acid in bone marrow adiposity in kidney transplant patients: A post hoc analysis

25-May-2018 | Mariel J. Hernandez; Luciene M. dos Reis; Igor D. Marques; Maria J. Araujo; Cesar A. M. Truyts; Ivone B. Oliveira; F ..., PLoS ONE, 2018

by Mariel J. Hernandez, Luciene M. dos Reis, Igor D. Marques, Maria J. Araujo, Cesar A. M. Truyts, Ivone B. Oliveira, Fellype C. Barreto, Elias David-Neto, Melani R. Custodio, Rosa M. Moyses, Ezequiel Bellorin-Font, Vanda Jorgetti Purpose Osteoblasts and adipocytes are derived from mesenchymal ...


Regulator of calcineurin 1 differentially regulates TLR-dependent MyD88 and TRIF signaling pathways

25-May-2018 | Zheng Pang; Robert D. Junkins; Renee Raudonis; Adam J. MacNeil; Craig McCormick; Zhenyu Cheng; Tong-Jun Lin, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Zheng Pang, Robert D. Junkins, Renee Raudonis, Adam J. MacNeil, Craig McCormick, Zhenyu Cheng, Tong-Jun Lin Toll-like receptors (TLRs) recognize the conserved molecular patterns in microorganisms and trigger myeloid differentiation primary response 88 (MyD88) and/or TIR-domain-containing ...


Phenotypic characterization of aberrant stem and progenitor cell populations in myelodysplastic syndromes

25-May-2018 | Benjamin N. Ostendorf; Eva Flenner; Anne Flörcken; Jörg Westermann, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Benjamin N. Ostendorf, Eva Flenner, Anne Flörcken, Jörg Westermann Recent reports have revealed myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) to arise from cancer stem cells phenotypically similar to physiological hematopoietic stem cells. Myelodysplastic hematopoiesis maintains a hierarchical ...


Favorable immune recovery and low rate of GvHD in children transplanted with partially T cell-depleted PBSC grafts

24-May-2018 | Christian Martin Seitz; Matthias Eyrich; Johann Greil; Patrick Schlegel; Tobias Feuchtinger; Peter Bader; Martin Ebi ..., Bone Marrow Transplantation, 2018

Transplantation of peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) from matched unrelated donors (MUD) is still associated with a significant risk for graft vs. host disease (GvHD), especially in pediatric patients receiving grafts from adult donors containing high amounts of T cells. Here, we present ...


Caspase-11-dependent pyroptosis of lung epithelial cells protects from melioidosis while caspase-1 mediates macrophage pyroptosis and production of IL-18

23-May-2018 | Jinyong Wang; Manoranjan Sahoo; Louis Lantier; Jonathan Warawa; Hector Cordero; Kelly Deobald; Fabio Re, PLoS Pathogens, 2018

by Jinyong Wang, Manoranjan Sahoo, Louis Lantier, Jonathan Warawa, Hector Cordero, Kelly Deobald, Fabio Re Infection with Burkholderia pseudomallei or B. thailandensis triggers activation of the NLRP3 and NLRC4 inflammasomes leading to release of IL-1β and IL-18 and death of infected ...


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