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Bioinspired capsules based on nanocellulose, xyloglucan and pectin – The influence of capsule wall composition on permeability properties

01-Apr-2018 | Author(s): T. Paulraj, A.V. Riazanova, A.J. Svagan, Acta Biomaterialia, 2018

Publication date: 15 March 2018 Source:Acta Biomaterialia, Volume 69 Author(s): T. Paulraj, A.V. Riazanova, A.J. Svagan Materials based on renewable biopolymers, selective permeability and stimuli-responsive release/loading properties play an important role in biomedical applications. ...


Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 343: Electro-Fermentation in Aid of Bioenergy and Biopolymers

02-Feb-2018 | Kumar, Prasun ; Chandrasekhar, Kuppam ; Kumari, Archana ; Sathiyamoorthi, Ezhaveni ; Kim, Beom Soo, Energies, 2018

Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 343: Electro-Fermentation in Aid of Bioenergy and Biopolymers Energies doi: 10.3390/en11020343 Authors: Prasun Kumar Kuppam Chandrasekhar Archana Kumari Ezhaveni Sathiyamoorthi Beom Kim The soaring levels of industrialization and rapid progress ...


Medium Chain-Length Polyhydroxyalkanoate Copolymer Modified by Bacterial Cellulose for Medical Devices

27-Sep-2017 | Denis Mihaela Panaitescu; Irina Lupescu; Adriana Nicoleta Frone; Ioana Chiulan; Cristian Andi Nicolae; Vlad Tofan; A ..., Biomacromolecules, 2017

Medium chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoates (mPHAs) are flexible elastomeric biopolymers with valuable properties for biomedical applications like artificial arteries and other medical implants. However, an environmentally friendly and high productivity process together with the tuning of the ...


Luxurious Nitrogen Fertilization of Two Sugar Cane Genotypes Contrasting for Lignin Composition Causes Changes in the Stem Proteome Related to Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxidant Metabolism but Does Not Alter Lignin Content

07-Sep-2017 | Fernanda Salvato; Rashaun Wilson; Juan Pablo Portilla Llerena; Eduardo Kiyota; Karina Lima Reis; Luis Felipe Boarett ..., Journal of Proteome Research, 2017

Sugar cane is an important crop for sugar and biofuel production. Its lignocellulosic biomass represents a promising option as feedstock for second-generation ethanol production. Nitrogen fertilization can affect differently tissues and its biopolymers, including the cell-wall polysaccharides and ...


Repurposing ribosomes for synthetic biology

03-Sep-2017 | Author(s): Yi Liu, Do Soon Kim, Michael C Jewett, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2017

Publication date: October 2017 Source:Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Volume 40 Author(s): Yi Liu, Do Soon Kim, Michael C Jewett The translation system is the cell's factory for protein biosynthesis, stitching together hundreds to thousands of amino acids into proteins, which are ...


[Cell Biology] Intermediate Filaments and the Regulation of Cell Motility during Regeneration and Wound Healing

01-Sep-2017 | Fang Cheng; John E. Eriksson, CSH Perspectives, 2017

Intermediate filaments (IFs) comprise a diverse group of flexible cytoskeletal structures, the assembly, dynamics, and functions of which are regulated by posttranslational modifications. Characteristically, the expression of IF proteins is specific for tissues, differentiation stages, cell ...


Food waste conversion to microbial polyhydroxyalkanoates

24-Jul-2017 | Chad Nielsen, Asif Rahman, Asad Ur Rehman, Marie K. Walsh, Charles D. Miller, Microbial Biotechnology, 2017

Summary Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are biopolymers with desirable material properties similar to petrochemically derived plastics. PHAs are naturally produced by a wide range of microorganisms as a carbon storage mechanism and can accumulate to significantly high levels. PHAs are an ...


Type IX Secretion: the generation of bacterial cell surface coatings involved in virulence, gliding motility and the degradation of complex biopolymers

17-Jul-2017 | Paul D. Veith, Michelle D. Glew, Dhana G. Gorasia, Eric C Reynolds, Molecular Microbiology, 2017

Summary The Type IX Secretion System (T9SS) is present in over 1000 sequenced species/strains of the Fibrobacteres‐Chlorobi‐Bacteroidetes superphylum. Proteins secreted by the T9SS have an N‐terminal signal peptide for translocation across the inner membrane via the SEC translocon and a ...


An investigation of operational parameters of jet cutting method on the size of Ca‐alginate beads

23-Jun-2017 | Bruna Barbon Paulo, Fernanda de Melo Ramos, Ana Silvia Prata, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2017

Abstract A rarely used option for reduction the size of Ca‐alginate beads is the jet cutter, a rotating disk coupled to the output of the nozzle, and responsible for cutting the jet in smaller sizes. There are few systematic studies in the literature about this apparatus and its operational ...


Biodegradable Guar Gum Based Hydrogel for Pharmaceutical Application

13-Jun-2017 | Pandit, Bibhas, Chemical Biology, 2017

Abstract: Biodegradable and nontoxic natural biopolymers are commonly being studied as a potential carrier material for novel drug delivery system due to its bio-compatible nature. Hydrogels are hydrophilic cross-linked polymer networks. They are able to imbibe large amounts of water or ...


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